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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Operator, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. So where are you going this year?
    Have you been before?
    and are you looking forward to it?

    For us (CUOTC)
    Never before
    Not sure if I'm looking forward to it, apparently lots of hills and rain. I like STANTA (Norfolk) which is flat and about 2inches of rain/year away from being a deesert.
  2. TAYFORTH-off to warcop this year. I've not been this year so dont really know what to expect.Last year we went to west Toffs camp-great time there,good training area which i had been to once before on my first ever acf annual camp so was aware of what was coming!
  3. Wrcop is great, so long as you don't get stuck in the farm. We were field firing there in 2003 and got up to Platoon level live attacks. All very exciting. Plenty of waterlogged tunnels to crawl through though.
  4. WUOTC
    Originally STANTA then Oakhampton and now Salisbury Plain including a package in copehill down (sp?).

    I hope CUOTC enjoy Sennybridge, We're of there on Friday for a weekend. Make sure your gore-tex doesn't have any holes in its (apart from arms, legs etc.) .
  5. Sennybridge isn't that bad.

    And if it is for your camp, just remember where you'll find symapthy in the dictionary (between shit and syphillis) :lol:
  6. queens are off to longmoore, we were there 2 years ago. i quite like it! but then again, it all depends on the training program thats put on
  7. OXFORD are at Bodney Camp, STANTA for the first week and then going across the country to Halton Camp for AT.

    I have heard good things about STANTA so am looking forward to it.
  8. Warcop is great see if you can get to Brough on a saturday night "Brough Club" is the only nightclub for miles and there is a free bus back to Warcop at 0230hrs. Have fun its a great camp.

    I think Sheff UOTC are off to Senny for our "Green phase" and Penhelly (SP?) for the AT phase.
  9. I'll have you know that ******* bus costs £1 !

    Just watch out for the locals ;)
  10. penally in pembrokeshire?
  11. south wales thats the badger
  12. were doing an AT camp at castle martin nearby in july.
  13. Stanta not bad, have got a cracking FIBUA/OBUA/shooting in streets village.
  14. Eastmere villiage at stanta is a lot of fun. There's only one hill on the whole training area really, so if you're on a slope Nav is fairly easy.

    Now that I think about it, there've very little training variety you can't do at STANTA, the restriction being full on Urban Peace Support Ops. (It's no Longmoor)

    P_M, if you get time off from STANTA get yourself to Norwich or Cambridge (both less than 1hr by Train or driving - PM for list of Clubs/Pubs worth visiting.)
  15. Operator, thanks for the offer but as we are conducting our green phase of our summer camp at STANTA i imagine that there will be little time off. As i am Infantry-oriented we will no doubt be doing a couple of exercises no doubt before the unit FTX which will undoubtedly fill the week alongside all of the post-ex admin.

    If we were also doing our AT there then maybe such a list would be useful....but you can't really do hill walking in Norfolk can you!