Annual Camp

Discussion in 'ACF' started by fus-chic, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. i have have just found out that i am running the 1 stars on annual camp and was wondering if any of you had handouts for map and compass, fildcraft. or any great ideas to keep our little angels busy :?
  2. If you can PM me with your address I will send you a disc with it all on for you :D
  3. i got prinable route cards and formal orders template PDF file if you want them also sentry rosters and some CRU and contact report stuff

    not much but keeps my lot occupied for some time

  4. thanks but it is a bit advance for 1 stars, cheers anyway
  5. out of interest where is your annaul camp to be this year anyway?
  6. oakehampton, you!
  7. crowbra or something like it

    cant spell it but its somewhere in kent
  8. do you mean crowborough?
  9. thats the one
  10. what acf are you with?
  11. who are you "badged" to?
  12. me or him?
  13. Going by avatars, Id hazzard a guess that Emo boy is artlillery.
    And fus-chic is, well erm Fusiliers?

    I may be wrong