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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by theparamancan, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. Ah, just leaving the house for two weeks in the USA at Her Majesties expence. F*ck yeah!
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Exhange with someone, I presume? Don't you have to look after them when they come over?

    And not all exchanges are easy money - one of our lads, two years ago, ended up working on a building site for two weeks, as he was 'an engineer'. Indeed he was - a Vehicle engineer' :)
  3. I guess its better than 25 years at her pleasure
  4. That bits been done already and was actually quite fun, especially watching them round up the heifers. Taking them for a quiet beer now that was an education, quote: "we wouldn't drink this much in a whole year!"
  5. I think you meant her Majesty's (sp)

    BTW: You sure crab air are going to deliver?
  6. USA !!!!!

    We got a fortnight on Brecon :roll:
  7. Met a unit last September settliing in for two weeks in Garelochhead. Even in the summer everything is pissed wet through, must be the only range in the UK never to get a tracer ban, I reckon even white phos couldn't set anything on fire.

    With the possible exception of Cultybraggan I cannot think of a worse place to spend two weeks.
  8. Culty is in a beautiful part of the country. I couldn't only think of it being bad if your training was crap. Not that it matters anymore.
  9. Thewre's always talk of good camps at our place, Cyprus, America ect ect, but we only got Lthuania...

    last year it was scotland...
  10. Lucky you lot in the " U. K. , because were conti. T. A . ( 412 R.E. ) , 2 weeks in poland is classed as a overseas camp, ohh what joy
  11. Macrahanish is worse than Culty any day! But at least we had Weymouth this year :lol:
  12. WE got one week at salisbury plain .One week dartmoorish its supposed to be fun but my idea of fun dosent include royal marine endurance course or helicopter dunker . Though got to be more fun than amber poop in lithunia .
  13. Since 1981:
    Gibraltar (about 4 times),
    Hong Kong,
    Cyprus (about 4 times),
    Falkland Islands,
    Ascension Island (while half of us were in Iraq) (but we're all going this year),
    Germany (about 7 times),
    Norway (split camp - half went, the other half went to Germany),
    UK (four times).

    We have plenty of vacancies - any takers?
    (The downside is that we don't get much time off!)
  14. Otterburn

    and this year...Salisbury Plain

    I have to admit we were twice promised Cyprus, but it never happened. Its always "definitely" next year.....!
  15. Aaaah the SNCO exchange programme...

    We had a Septic come over a year or two ago and I'm delighted to say he got the full British Army Experience - shooting, FIBUA, a night on the lash on Woking followed by a scrap in a kebab house....happy daze...

    Bless 'em.