Annual Camp help

I wonder if the great and the good out there can help....

I am unable to make my units annual camp this year due to work commitments and have been told that it may not be possible to go on a course in lieu of camp - I am a bit sceptical with this last point, but what do I know?

Are there any units going to camp at the end of September / early October?

I just want to bring something to the head shed as an alternative.

I await your helpful words / abuse with bated breath.

It can be a course, doesn't need to be 14 days (Can't remember how long though) and can be throughout the year. Then your OC needs to sign it off.
We had a Sgt from a local unit (she was SPS) a year or so again who came into the barracks for two weeks and went through paysheets etc, so if you've got a useful skill or two that's always an option.
If you're a Civil, Electrical or Mechanical Engineer,
or work in the building or construction industry on the tools,
or you're a surveyor,
or you can use AutoCad,
or you're a clerk (or just good at typing),
or you're a signaller,
or you have an FMT 600.....

Then you may just be in luck.

Of course, expect to be pestered into transferring. Though once you've tried one of our Camps, you'd probably be begging to transfer in without resort to duress.

Sunglasses and loud beach towel are essentials for our R&R (unless you elect to visit FI, in which case Softy, thermals and foulweather gear would be more appropriate).
You can do a reduced camp once every 4 years or is 3?
Its true that you can do anything from general duties to a course as long as you have permission from the OC/CO to have it as camp in lieu.
We (Sigs) have had attachments in the past from other units with people struggling for an annual camp.
billypleased said:
We (Sigs) have had attachments in the past from other units with people struggling for an annual camp.
We've had people from other units who've attended our Camps in addition to their own. And several have returned on following years.

Sadly for them, that was at a time when they didn't have the right trades to transfer across, nor were there vacancies.

Things have changed. We now have plenty of vacancies and a much wider range of required trades.

Sorry if I seem to be bragging, but there aren't many units whose Camps cycle through Cyprus, Ascension, FI, Gib, Italy etc. I believe there's even an opportunity to spend a fortnight in UK if foreign climes don't agree with you.
Billy if your from the unit in your avatar - then I have come across you guys in a past life.

I didn't think you guys took on waifs and strays from other units.

It has always been other ranks from Sigs but we have taken officers from other corps when necessary.
Beggars can't be choosers when it comes to the numbers game.
Have you worked with us in the past?

Yeah, mostly from the other side of the net on brigade exercises, though I have met a few guys from your unit - back in the days of yore ('96 ish).

They seemed like good chaps and really switched on.

PM sent.

Have you any Mil instructor qualifications - SAA, Drill, PTI, BCDT, CBRNI etc - as there is a 2 week recruit camp being run at Malta Barracks at the end of Oct
R Anglian at SENTA around those dates depending on your location
Chavalryman said:
Are there any units going to camp at the end of September / early October?
QOY are going to Castlemartin for gunnery followed by a week on Salisbury Plain: 19 September - 4 October.

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Is this like in time band camp when you stick a flute up your pussy?

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