Annual Camp - Altcar

Discussion in 'ACF' started by RoyalEngineers, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Going to Altcar today for annual camp untill August 18th.. has anyone been there.. what is it like and such.. :)

    Thankyou, and the one question on my mind aswell.. is what is the NAAFI like!

  2. Just being, a shite camp, honestly it is. Chefs have a attitude problem there and camp is very small so some of us had to stay in the cadet training centre up the road which was a long walk away from the camp for brekfasat, lunch, dinner. The naffi is at the cadet traing centre and is well, pretty diabolicle. The good thing about the camp is the assualt course which was fun althought the rope on burma bridge is very loose though. Watch out for the rats in the water when you cross over the logs aswell. I enjoyed annual and the camp itself was ok, the food was a big letdown though. Very small portions and quite rude chefs.
  3. usually its self service in messes? well it is at smp, wathgill an longmoor thats why i never got any fookin scoff!
  4. Trust me its shite there, chefs have some serious kind of attitude problem aswell!
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Good ranges or they were when we did NWDISTSAAM in 86
  6. I feel like I spend half of my life there. Cookhouse is too small, and yes, the Sodexho staff there do have an attitude. Pretty sure some of them are young offenders! It seems as though we are a nuisance for wanting to be fed - how dare we!?

    Forget the cadet building 'NAAFI'. Go down to The Red Rose on camp - much better. You've also got The Hightown pub outside of camp. There is a snack wagon next to the cookhouse too, if you want a brew or a "Hotdog From Heaven!" (Well, that's what they call them anyway!)

    I agree with the above post - the rope is far too loose on the Burma Bridge. We don't take our recruits over it anymore. Imagine the paperwork!

    Not sure what you cadet lot are up to, but the ranges are second to none.
  7. Ahhhh the "Hotdog from Heaven" evreyone went their straight after dinner due to the shite produced in the cookhouse.
  8. I think that one rates as quite possibly the worst cookhouse I have ever had the displeasure to eat in. I can't see a real reason why either!
  9. Whilst the admin areas nare pants, the ranges are very good. If all your concerned about is the cook house, then go and work in mcdonalds!

    Not too bad a camp, but again, great ranges!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I must have slept over there in the past as I remember getting bladdered in the red rose club as Muss blew his range stew all over the big steel urinals. His comment, "room for more beer!" So as I always seemd to be pissed I cant remember what the food or accom were like apart from Range stew!
  11. Altcar was one of the best camps I have been to, met one dirty woman that was working as a waitress in the mess in 1988!
  12. Had fun there in the 80's during cadet camps! No sodexho then!!!!!!! food was great, some regs there at the same time.(got to fire the SLR!!!!) recall seeing some tanks or somesuch down on the apron near the accom blocks (may not be there now of course...the blocks that is). ranges were great....even if everything was full of sand by the end of the day! :evil:

    Mate nearly got fried on the railway....... 8O

    the road to southport for a day out was fun....back of a bedford....speed up...bang on the brakes...everyone slides to the front...roundabout.....reorganise......speed up.......bangon the brakes...etc etc...

    Ahhh the good old days....... :D

    And we had to drag that bloody fire truck thing around for "fire drill"! :x :x
  13. Right oh. Back now. The Chefs have something up their arses.

    "What is that".
    "What does it look like"

    "Can I have that please"
    "It has a name."

    "That, that and that please. No, not that."

    The ranges were great, I was using an LSW which was a great and rare opportunity in Cadets. We were allowed in the red rose club once, so we had to use the hanger as a make shift NAAFI (no TV!).

    About half way through some Machine gun platoon or something came with their minimi's and basically used the ranges (d'uh).

    The training area is great, not full of woods, woods and more woods. We stayed (as the "SENIOR CADRE") in a small village called Liverton (a few buildings including a lovely SHELL Garage and a jail). Basically it is a nice camp, but chefwise they are cnuts. 'Nuff said.

    Old men with attitudes or young offenders. Fantastic!

    P.S. Cadets sucks ;)
  14. Altcar is a good camp. My County HQ. The Areas are excellent. The FIBUA area with the jail as said above is brilliant. Good all round areas for various things. It's like a home to me as most of my weekends away are spent at Altcar.
  15. Was mine too for 3 happy years (93-96) until I had enough of bad man management and packed it in.