Annual Arrse Sh*t Stirring Awards

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mr T, Mar 25, 2004.

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  1. Nominee's are:

    The Monk

    Bunch of multiple thread abusing bracket-splitters. Get a life sad krazy foo's

    Ah still ain't gettin on no goddam plane.
  2. Get back in your OTC basket :roll:
  3. Poor monkey, get a proper job!

    Anyway. I nominate Badass. No hard feelings though!
  4. Who is the Mr T penis? another dullard with jack sh*t to say other than 'Ain't gettin on no plane' thrapper!
  5. Ive got one thanks, and surely you being in the OTC would mean you have an interst in the proper job i do (you know, being a full time soldier)
  6. Bert, errr I mean Mr T, fcuk off back to the otc board. Youre out your depth here.

    You give morons a bad name.

  7. Dear Monkey,
    My apologies, I do wish do be employed in the same manner as you to a certain extent. However I derive no pleasure from pissing people off all day so your particular branch is not attractive. Keep up the good "work".
  8. You should be well experienced at pi55ing people off all day, lucy. It appears to be a full time job for you on here.
  9. ATL stop reading what the big boys write i.e those round long enough/those old enough to have had dealings with the RMP.
    You are only OTC - know your place child
  10. :lol: It's a right laugh. Shame you boys get so uptight. I'm not allowed to say what I think because I'm not in the regs yet. Granted I would never dream of actually going up to you, sir! and speaking my mind, I thought arrse was a much more open environment.
    Please excuse me for thinking you lads were grown up enough to take a bit of banter.
  11. Lewis, you are allowed to say what you like, unfortunately. Its just that you tend to speak as much common sense as a lobotomised female on the blob.

    Youll learn banter once youve started shaving.

    You are excused.
  12. Mr T theres a few missing from your list there....... 8)
  13. I wouldn't worry on their account Lippy. As far as I'm's in the bag (talking about's your mum?)
  14. The twaat forgot me.
  15. Aww your so kind she was asking if your wart cream had worked.....