Annual ARRSE Christmas Draw - 2021

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Getting into the spirit of the Season, Bad CO, in his infinite generosity (peace be unto Him), has decided to run the Grand Christmas Draw once again. As ever the prizes are

1st Prize - £100 of Amazon Vouchers​

2nd Prize - £40 of Amazon Vouchers​

3rd Prize - £20 of Amazon Vouchers​

To enter, all one has to do is complete the form on the link below, ensuring the instructions are followed exactly, and then sit back to confirm that, apart from three of you, you are all Losers!

It’s Free and open to all Arrsers and Rummers, with the exception of Bad CO and Me ☹!



Book Reviewer
I struggled with the second question, but my fingers are crossed.



If successful stick it in the Awol fund pls.
After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to donate my inevitable winnings to..............

Question 5 is very ambiguous. Is that before or after Brexit?


Book Reviewer
Ahh the annual arrse pantomime, I mean Christmas draw.
I look forward to my inevitable loss.


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
Uptake has been quite slow so this is a bump to boost entry. The more the merrier! Well the merrier I will be as that means there will be more Losers :)
I've joined the losers...
I’m in, my winnings will be invested in hookers and Chang (I’ll have to run that past Laughing Gas first though).

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