Annoying sibling - help required

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Social_Handgrenade, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. My matlot sister has recently began a 2 and a bit year posting to San Diego, working with the septic navy.

    Personally, i'd have thought of this as some sort of punishment, but apparently its a good thing and she's bloody loving it. :x

    Both my brother and i are being bombarded with e-mails saying how hot it is, what HMG sponsored jollies shes off on, how little work etc etc.

    In response, being the mature pair that we are, we've started a campaign of "Junk mail the gloating cow" :twisted:

    So far this has been working quite efficiently... copies of BP's 2005 report and account, 2006 guide to Yorkshire accomodation etc. However, i'm running out of ideas and so am turning to the warped mind of the Arrse collective to give me some ideas.

    Cheers for any help.

    ps. I'm a tight git, so any mailings need to be gratis :wink:

    edited cos i'm a spelling biff
  2. I have lots of advice for this kind of dilemma, but first of all, I need to know what 'glotting' is...?

  3. I believe its something to do with fitting two fists into your arrse hole, a navy tradition. :wink:
  4. SHG - when you next receive an e-mail from your sister describing how little work she is doing, forward it to her drafter and other key members of her CofC. That as they say in Somerset, will "larn 'er".
  5. :x It's a balls up on my part ok, should read gloating
  6. post her e mail on here we will do all the work for you.
  7. I think a lot of football sites do e-mail lists and send about 90 e-mails a day to each other just indulging in dull fussball speak.
  8. Sweet jesus man, I may be a little cnut, but there is no way i'm going to inflict you lot on her, i'm just aiming for slightly annoying not getting her on the sex offenders register
  9. the word 'glotting' has a nice ring to it!

    i'll use it as a new word for particularly rough anal penetration. :D
  10. come on fella it will be a laff.
  11. find out her postal address out there and get her signed up for all the test crap you can get on the net , i rember in halls we got a set of man nappies for guys that can't control them self and sent them out to one of the guys in the halls , was very funny cuase he opened the package infront of people :)
  12. Glotting = act of rough anal
    Glotted = post act of the above
    Glottee = reciever of the above
    Glotter = giver of the above
    Glottees = groups who partake in the above
    Glott club = place where the above takes place

    or something like that!

  13. is usually good for getting people mass mailed. set her up a nice myspace account.

    Try registering her for online surveys, they send millions of mails a day.

    Also, double glazing, fitted kitchens etc etc
  14. Is there a web site so I can find my nearest glott club, you know abit like the dogging ones, put in your postcode and it will list all the areas complete with distance and amenities on offer. :?
  15. Post her photo in the 'truth behind the username' section and let us have a thrap over her.

    Wait until some of the worst deviants on this site have stated what they think of her and what they want to do to her and then send the wench the link.

    You can also sign her up to a lonely hearts club lesbian section with her phone number, email address and photo - there are hundred of sites on the web. Ask someone like MDN for advice while writing her profile :)