Annoying/obnoxious/pointless stuff people do on ranges

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. I need to have a little bitch this morning for really no good reason, so here goes.

    Annoying/obnoxious/pointless stuff people do on the shooting range, whether it actually affects me in any meaningful way or not.

    -- there is a guy who spends ages filling one of those expensive, complicated speed loader arrangements for a AR 15 magazines with 10 rounds, and then pushes them in. it would take him a quarter of the time to put them straight in the damn magazine.

    -- people who spend 2000 euros on a rifle and a nice piece of glass and then put surplus ammunition through it, shooting on the tiny accuracy targets.

    -- there is a guy with an HK SL 8 piece of junk (the whole thing is Tupperware and wobbles, particularly the plastic scope rail with respect to the upper receiver) and then blames his 6 inch groups on "neck retention due to the cases having been reloaded several times, so being a bit tired", and won't have it that is nothing to do with the ammunition but rather the wobbly piece of junk he is shooting it through. And in any case neck retention cannot possibly have that much effect!

    -- hunters who shoot 4 inch groups at 50 m with their 300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifles and then complain that they can't get the rifle to zero (because they are crap shots and they are chasing individual shots around the card). And frankly, given that the biggest thing in this country to shoot is a red deer, 300 Winchester Magnum is going to send the damn thing into orbit. Noisy buggers.

    -- excusing bad shooting with "it's a new rifle and it still needs shooting in". Then where is your solvent, your brushes, and why are you not shooting it in?

    -- acknowledging an enormous flinch, setting the sights correspondingly, then loaning your pistol out to somebody who can actually shoot and not telling him that it's going to shoot a foot high and 6 inches right at 25 m as a result.

    -- people shooting the internal competitions who don't know the conditions of competition and shoot it at the wrong distance, or in the wrong stance etc.

    -- people who get annoyed if you hold a handgun with 2 hands. Especially when I can actually out-shoot them with one hand by miles anyway.

    -- this is a ridiculous one: when asked by somebody if he reloaded, he replied "no, I don't reload, because any idiot can do it and I don't think that's safe." That's an incredible feat of logic and leads us to one of 2 conclusions: he is an idiot and would blow himself up anyway, or he's just a plain idiot.

    -- incredibly long pre-shot or pre-shoot, professional looking rituals (usually accompanied by all the gear) by people whose time would be better spent learning to just actually shoot straight in the 1st place.

    -- a hot 7.62 NATO case on bare skin when I'm trying to shoot straight!

    Any more for any more?
  2. Never had any of the problems you mention, but get heartily sick of people who think that putting 30 rounds on a target before marking is okay, even when everyone else only fires 10.
  3. The ****** who turned my SLR gas plug to zero
  4. Tartan, some people get really annoyed with people constantly bringing targets backwards and forwards on our range, but bizarrely it doesn't bother me at all! I guess these people just need to concentrate more on what they are doing and not on what everybody else is doing...
  5. How about the list of the dangerous stuff then

    I can think of a couple o cringers

    Changing targets on a pistol range and hearing a slide being pulled behind you

    People waving pistols at each other like they're full of water instead of rounds
  6. The old SMG shoot where you are 30m back and have to run forward to 25m to engage. 7 of us did, the other clown stayed at 30m :(
  7. A bloke who shoots someone in a classroom being called "a Firearms Expert" by the press really bugs me.
  8. :censored: People who single load and shoot their repeaters (Winchesters particularly) as single shots. If it has a mag f'king use it or else buy a single shot gat.

    :roll: Black powder shooters who wear adjustable shooting clothing. Looks out of place, historically wrong, and appears to convey no advantage since the title holders don't wear any. Unfortunately there are no rules against them (in NL at least).

    :pissedoff: People who pick up your gun "just to have a look" without asking usually also without checking the chamber is clear.
  9. people who rag quality, expensive hand-loads through the magazine of a bolt action when shooting for pure precision. Most of the time it shouldn't make a difference, but it certainly risks damaging or dislodging the projectile slightly.

    ISSF-style slow fire pistol shooters who put rounds in the bench/floor/ceiling/walls and then cannot countenance speed or dynamic shooting "because it might damage the range" (even though you get disqualified and go home...)

    any idiot who tries to make up rules that don't exist because he's the "discipline captain". Cocking the hammer on a revolver with your spare hands does NOT count as "shooting with 2 hands", you complete numpty.

    People who think that you can't shoot a revolver fast, and certainly not fast AND accurately.

    People who purchase Glock pistols and then use it as an excuse for why they pull all of their shots down low. You bought it, you need to learn to shoot it properly. It can be done, it just needs more practice and revolver technique.

    People who purchase SIG 550 rifles for practical rifle claiming "that they are a better choice than an AR 15 because they are more reliable" and then constantly get owned by people with AR 15's and then use the fact that they bought the SIG as an excuse...
  10. At Bisley: people who insist on applying TR rules to e.g. shooting classic service rifles. I'm talking about those numpties who tap you on the shoulder and tell you in officious, self-important manner that you are not allowed to use the magazine and get quite cross when you point out that that is a target rifle rule and not a general one and that they should perhaps take note of the fact that it appears in the Bisley Bible under TR and not under general range rules.
  11. Forgive me for my ignorance, my experience of range work has extended no further than the weapon systems currently in place and the varying range packages that compliment use of said weapons competantly and measuredly..Am I right in assuming that civvy range days are in effect, by the nature of your post, big whinging sessions of bitchiness and harrumphing hand wringing ?
  12. Actually, I believe it's the gas-collar thingy just aft of the plug that was turned to zero (sorry for all the technical terms there, folks).

    This was quite a regular occurrence when enjoining with Septics on range shoots. We got to fire their "Mickey-Mouse" M16s and they were introduced to the marvellous SLR, the most bestist rifle the British Army has ever had.

    When I was attached to the KOSBs as a Medic for a scheme (maneouvre) with some Septic number battalion of some other Septic number regiment, a totally hooooj Septic Major (something like about six-foot-eight and 20 stone) observed me fairly accurately (for a CMT) putting three SLR mags downrange and asked for a cabby. I (five-nine and ten-stone eight) duly obliged, but not before I'd dialled down yon collar thingy to zero on the pretence of *cough* checking the front sight and making sure it was "sharp".

    Your man actually managed a whole SLR mag before he begged off, so fair play to him indeed. Strangely, he didn't show up for duty the next day.

  13. Couldn't agree more.
  14. SLR recoil isn't harsh anyway, even with the gas port closed. It's only comparable with the older Lee-Enfield and you can shoot one of those all day unless there's something wrong with you.
  15. I tried shooting some South African surplus once with the gas plug set to off. Bad move! I think the brass was a little on the soft side and the load perhaps a little on the hot side, since I ended up removing the magazine, and using my foot on the cocking handle to achieve extraction.

    Recoil is noticeably more without the working parts soaking it up, but it is still less than a Lee Enfield (probably aided and abetted by the better ergonomics of the butt.)