Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by CLOONEY, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. Currently working with a boss who is a complete bonehead. Thought I would test the water with some of his classic statements to determine whether there are others who need interpretation of what is really being suggested. "This isn't coming from me" true meaning is that he is weasling out of telling you to do it himself. "When I was in your job" I guess what is mean't was when dinosaurs ruled the world !!

    Would appreciate further explanations to enable me to fully understand this individual.[/b]
  2. I thought you were a british officer. Can't you work it out for yourself?
  3. Maybe DS was right ..................maybe he is a wind up merchant :lol:
  4. CLOONEY - I didn't think we had managers in the Army - commanders or leaders. One of the first things you're told is issue every order as your own. Who do you work for Wenham Hogg??
  5. The last 3 posts prove my point and give me the reassurance that there are at least 3 other Boneheads out there talking crap. Our Leaders/Comds appear to be speaking an awful lot but making no sense and are somewhat annoying. Good job you 3 though only work within a troop environment - hopefully you will remain there for a while !!!

    "Potential 2 Up/Dev" simply translated = Not particularly suited for further Military Service.

    Oh come death where art thou sting
  6. :?:
    this is obviously an escaped boll0x thread from the officers mess!

    does anyone else (who works for a living) understand?
  7. Ask CGS. He can understand pompous and outrageous statements. And I just love Clooney. Three posts later on here and he's still none the wiser, or even close to understanding the people around him. Guess he's an arrogant fcuk who'd rather listen to his own voice all day then his bosses. Clonney, try Blondebint. She loves the sound of her voice too, but complains no one ever listens to her, plus she's desperate for a man in her life (and she does cyber with strangers !!).

    Now Clooney, be a good chap and fcuk off back to the officers thread where you belong.
  8. If you want a semi serious analysis of your boss, I would suggest that he is what they call passive-aggressive. In normal English this means that he is not comfortable with being in command and is afraid of any hostility that might ensue from what he asks you to do. In soldier speak, he has no balls.

    Clear enough?!
  9. Wow, sounds like me.
  10. Now, you and I KNOW that isn't true....................!! 8)
  11. Just thought i would delete your two echoes prodigal :D
  12. Thank you CC!
  13. Thank you CC!

  14. The guy is totally looney tunes ....................han :lol: g the tw*t