Annoying Kids Tv Charaters!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. After readiing some of the threads about cartoon charaters you would love to shag, i thought there might as well be one where there is the most annoying kids Charaters on Tv

    My personal hatred and wrath fall on the The FCUKING PURPLE DINOSAUR called BARNEY!!!

    I have a young nephew so went into a kids shop to have a look around to see what to buy him, butall the time i was in there, this dinosaur was singing, I had to refrain myself from going over and riping its head off.
    My nephew got something he didn't want in the end as i was too livid to go back near that shop for fear of hearing its voice causing me to firebomb it!
    Barneys web page


    What are yours?
  2. I hate him,
    He hates me,
    Let's hang Barney in a tree.

    With a kick,
    and a punch,
    and a bullet to his head,

    Now that purple freak is DEAD!

    Take him down,
    Flay his bones,
    Smash to pieces with great stones.

    Open skull.
    Remove brain,
    This will surely end my pain.

    Find a shovel,
    And a box,
    For this purplish mess,

    And send it off to the AMS
  3. teeny, tom and tiny from Tot's TV. They encourage children to speak french!

    Small from that cafe thing where he rides around on a wooden spoon with an inane grin looking like a pedo

    Small's mate from the same programme.

    The tellytubbies. Dipstick, stinky-winkle, lard-arse and prat or whatever they are called.

    S club 8.


    Thomas the tank engine has also had a revamp and from a sence of political correctness the Fat Controller is now referred to as Sir Topham Hat.

    Bring back sensible childrens programmes.

    My own child will be born in Late October/early november (the potential ginger one) and he/she will not be watching this sh1te if it means I have to sit through it.

    Besides Bargain Hunt, Car Booty, and Flog it are on the other side. Usually followed by a series of programmes about doing up houses..... what's wrong with the TV people. I used to enjoy a good cowboy film on an afternoon whenever I got a day off.
  4. Good stuff Sabre, FS and Jock bloke - I suspect you might carry the day with 'Barney' :D

    Could I add 'Rod Hull and Emu'...


    ...actually, 'Emu' was alright! :D

    I wouls also like to add these noshers as well...


    Whilst we're on this subject, can anyone remember these dreadful urchins? :D

  5. Not so sure about this one. He is called that in some of the original books. And there was a thin controller too.

    My nominations for the neckshot-and-into-the-pit queue definitely include thos bl00dy tweenies and their whining PC drivel.

    My boys are being brought back onto the straight and narrow with the Wombles and the Clangers. Thank God for DVD!
  6. Must be the Tweenies...........every time I visit my goddaughter they are on TV. :evil: :evil:
  7. OMG where do I start!

    Tellytubbies, Tiny Tots (fecking spanish), Fimbles, Tweenies, Hoobs, Barney, Hi-5, Humphrey B Bear, Marty Monster, the new Sesame Street (utter shoite now) Arthur the fecking whinging aardvark really grips my shoite though.

    Wombles rock :D as do The Goodies and The Muppets :D
  8. calypso , is that the dreaded "red hand gang?"

    if so , i'll fetch my gat.
  9. Wasn't there a rip off called Thomas The Wa*k Engine? :lol:
  10. The Krankies :evil:

    with a magazine of 30 rounds

  11. Keenan and flaming Kell - two ugly spam t0ssers who think it's funny to shout all of the time. It got so bad I barred the kids from watching the TV until they got this bloody pair out of their systems!

  12. yep, and unless memory fails me the black kid was called James Bond the Third

    oh and at the end I did used to remark that all the boys put their arms around each other BUT NOT the girl, poofs
  13. I always found Rainbow fairly disturbing. A pink gay hippo, a thing with a gimp mask mouth and a bipedal mansized bear. And rod, jane and freddie. All the makings of an S&M orgy.

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  14. Pat Sharpe and his gay mullit in fun house, {I'd still do the twins}

    Any of the male presenter's off Blue Peter {Beat with a Sh*tty stick}
  15. I'd dearly love to punch a tweenie.

    And the cast of hi-5 apart from the half thai looking girl that look a bit like Tera Patrick