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I keep getting these Indian chappies and chappatis ringing me up about some filthy disease that my computer has !
I do believe that i have found a polite way to discourage them
I answered the phone and mr Steve Patel told me he was from the Microsoft engineering department and that I had a nasty virus on my computer
I was so stunned I started to cry (crocodile tears) and cry out loudly Oh Lord why me have I not suffered enough !!
he sounded genuinely moved my my plight
i said very loudly in mock surprise , why would some one attack my computer its really old !!
he said how old ???
Windows 98 replies I, with a CRT and a dial up mooslem
oh dear and he apologises for bothering me and that he could not help me ?? and hung up
any other tricks to discourage them that you know off ?
Point them in the direction of the other dozen or so threads on the same subject. They'll soon get bored.
Let them ramble on while you make a cup of tea making Uh Uh agreement type noises everynow and again.
When they ask you to do something then pretend you have and let them witter on a bit more.
Only when totally bored do you inform them that either your PC isn't connected to the internet or that you don't actually have a PC at all.

Or just put the phone down on the first syllable they utter.
Ask them to phone 01622 mod edit

If this site's to be believed, they have a few dysfunctional PCs.
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I thought this was a General Custer thread?


I'd make sure to find out what color underwear they are wearing.
My wife told them she had loaned the computer to her mother and was worried her mum might catch the virus!

Whilst demanding to know the cure they disconnected.
Got a call no more than 40 minutes ago from a mongoloid, couldnt make it out until the word 'insurance' was dribbled.
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