Annoying Gangster Music in the Gym

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Old Bastard, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Everytime I visit the gym in the evenings or at weekends, loud and expletive gangster music is played and seemingly enjoyed by the young weightlifters. As civilians also use the gym, does this fail the Service Test?
  2. as an ex PTI the only music that should be played in the gym is high voltage rock/heavy metal music or real heavy dance stuff-all that pretend gansta shite should be banned/binned/stopped from every speaker in the WORLD

    PS you can always get a nano thing and turn up the volume- the only problem is worrying about singing to yer tracks ! and then doing air guitar as the solos belt in.
  3. You are a doddery old throwback, like me, I flash when the preening fuckers have it banging out their earphones tinnily never mind a gym management sponsored urban gangsta fest at a million decibels

    My flavour of music to thrash myself to is the entire back catalogue of The Prodigy. I have to keep myself in check when I'm on the cross trainer so I don't start dancing like Keith!

    Screaming smack my bitch up and thumping my chest beforew a set of pull p doesn't go down with the lycra clad ladies though
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  4. Got any photos of you doing bollocky lunges?
  5. I quite like a bit of 70s disco myself
  6. YMCA? In the Navy?
  7. What's a gym?
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  8. Fat sweaty people, shit music, vending machines.

    It's over-rated.
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  9. Here's a novel idea - ask them to turn it down/off as you find it offensive!

    Failing that, come in tooled up and open a can of whup ass on them!

    You're welcome.

  10. Sneak behind the counter, rip out the cd and replace it with System of a Down.
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  11. How the fuck would you know Sicknote?
  12. They put me on biff PT to go on the "Exercise Bike". I got told off for taking my book in with me (yeah, because I want to watch fat sweaty blokes looking at themselves in the mirrors), and then I told the physio to piss off because I was actually losing more weight.

    So I went back to the mess and ate 4 bags of Maltesers. I felt better after that.
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  13. Haha - too right m8 :)
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  14. My gym is located within a sports college around the corner from my gaff. I know one of the lads that works there and he's just as much of a cunt as me.

    He has a very amusing habit of changing the music depending on who's in there. If the pretty boys are leaning on all the equipment and chatting away you'll notice that Gay Bar by Electric Six will suddenly come on and if there's fit women on the weights Benny Bannasi's Satisfaction goes on.

    System of a Down, Probot, Prodigy, Drowning Pool and DJ Fresh keep me going at the gym.
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  15. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Relish it. The staff at my old gym used to sit there hungover on a Sunday morning playing Coldplay.

    ...there's nothing like a bit of Coldplay to REALLY rev you up for a session. Not.

    Nah, start wearing a vest with a woolly hat, get a just-like-everyone-else-but-different sleeve tattoo (something Celtic/Oriental, natch), start calling everyone 'Bruv', and have conversations about how many carbs you've eaten this week/which snake-oil supplement you've discovered on the Web.

    In other words, fit in. You won't look any more ridiculous than the monkeys I've just described.

    [For the record, I'm still keepin' it real: white road slappers, green socks, Stanley Matthews shorts and red v-neck... styler!]
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