Annoying frickin adverts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pub_Regular, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this has been done before but I have had enough and need to vent my spleen a bit. :x

    If I see or hear that annoying slapper Nadine Bagshit telling me about those frickin' pentapeptides being the biggest secret since Fred West laid a new patio I'm going to track her down and see how good they work after I take a shovel to her face.

    There. That's better. :twisted:

    Oh, and then Barry Scott from the Cilitt adverts next. BANG! and he's gone.

    Rant over....... for now.
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  2. What about the purple loans advert.I tell you i will smash that fugging fat fugger in the face if i see him and his stupid frau again.and the josh one as well .Mind you she would get it though
  3. Strangely enough this has been done before and the thread starter mentioned Fred West as well...
  4. Spooky!
    Mind you he was a popular bloke in his day. At least down at B&Q.
  5. One of those 'consolidate your loans' ones.

    You know the 'save money with us by signing over your soul' companies. (Picture Loans?)

    It has some twat phoning up for a loan while his wife camcorders him.

    He even asks, while joking with his wife 'How much do we want to borrow? '
    Twenty Grand?’ like it was pennies.

    She then gives him a thumbs up

    Truly awful.

    There is even a sequel.

    I bet he's glad he did 5 years at RADA.
  6. This might cause a few tiffs but the army one. Not the TA one.

    There is several version of it, seen it once in the cinema, must have about 3 minutes in length. And there was loads of short versions on TV, climaxing at the bridge/para drop scene at Gib barracks.

    It's just all the scenes cutting from the men in a nightclub to jumping out of airplanes to searching houses. Giving the message "We're hard - join the army". With the message 'Forward as one', I certainly hope no one would go 'forward as one', as the correct formation would be pair fire manouver.

    Funny how I never seen a scene in the advert for troops carrying out outside areas, emptying of bins, room inspection, gaurd...etc

    And if any you seen the 3 minute version/scottish infantry one when it was "Threw houses, threw thick, threw thin, threw walls, threw water..ETC"

    There was no Threw the guardroom, threw the SGT MAJ office, threw shit..etc
  7. The one selling window. He shouts you buy one you get one free x2. The cilt bang ads. Shela's wheels ads come there some fucking monkey driving the car. And to say im not a fan of the latest army ones when its say see the rest and www.etc....
  8. The Marks and Spencer adverts with the actress touching herself while she talks about their food on the voiceover. A nation hits the remote control as one.
  9. WTF happened to the Sheila's Wheels chicks?

    They have a few hippogrockafrogs in there now.

    Standards? What What.
  10. And why are they driving backwards on the original ads while advertising for women only insurance? :?
  11. Ok so the Clliet Bang twat is an annoying twerp and I want to reach into 23 inches of plashma screen and rip the annoyng cunts head off.


    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Was recently dragged along sopping wth the misses and Cliiet was on offer.... the BBQ needed cleaning and I weakened shoved t n the shopping trolly and she paid for the offending article................................

    eedless to say its a fecking bombsend on the BB
  12. Seconded. Hate that advert. I'd love to see big Gordon Ramsey interrupt it and tell the bird with the posh voice to fcuking do one! :twisted:
  13. Yeah Picture Loan's, all their adds are as cheesy as fcuk! "Dads found ya scooota" GRRRRRRRR :x
  14. Anyone of those European adverts dubbed in English - I think kindereggs is an obvious one. The Cillit bang one is annoying but he shouts so loud because if you go in the kitchen to make a brew you can still hear the b'stard.

    Don't know if its relevant but also music album adverts with praises such 'beautiful' and 'best band since...' (and you never hear of the band again).

    Those Iceland adverts with Kerry whats-her-face, the cokehead whose perpetual misery (and big tits) somehow manages to get onto our newspapers.

    The advert with the little oriental kid sitting on the bog and he runs out of sh#t house roll (with a frog logo) and he is saying 'pooo' and wafting his hand and his mother is cooing like any mother of a spoilt brat would (basically saying well done for having a sh#t).
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  15. ...and bloody Jamie Oliver ones, with the lisping chubby mockney selling big cream cakes and fat high dinners for sainsburys (or whatever it is) whilst patronising our nation of fat kids and playing the political card.