Annoying and obstructive ads -AVIS... pack of cnuts


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Whilst I can see why this site makes a little money from advertising, there is a limit.

Avis adverts. I have repeatedly tried to access some pages of this site I have been redirected to the Avis car rental site. This is unacceptable. This is intrusive advertisement. There does not seem to be any way to escape the ads.

The Avis ads obstruct the site to a great extent and to the point where I have to log off to escape their advertisements. The pop up ad is clearly designed to obstruct the page. The "close" button just brings another Avis ad onto the site.

Its also counterproductive. I wouldnt go to Avis for car rental because of their ads. Fcuk em.
And I thought it was just me, it drops down and blocks the top line.
It's a new game..'Beat the ******* AVIS flag.'

Haha! Just noticed the ad for Economy car Hire that has appeared at the bottom.


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Mods.. any action?
Agreed, come on Mods this one is fecking annoying.


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I know I'm a poncy bastard but I have an Apple mac and adblock cannot be installed to my beloved and efficient computer.


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Serves you right for buying a silly girls laptop.
Its not a laptop but the full 27 inch applemac. It just works. It just does. It crashes less times than Air France aircraft.
Can't do anything at the moment as on phone only. A screen shot of the problem would be useful though.

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Am struggling to duplicate the problem - any chance of a screenshot pse?
for the love of god could you get rid of this? It senses you're near it, so it expands over the forward/backward/pick new forum area, and the thing won't then close (unless you are milimetrically precise on hitting the little 'x'), so instead of moving thru arrse you are sent to book a hire car. It's driving me up the wall!
Hmm. The Avis ad drove me mad too, but now seems to have gone. At least I haven't seen it for a while. Could you bring it back so that I can do a screenshot?
I've just installed adblocker, I have now returned to my smug Mac-user self
Apologies for the delay in getting on the case with this but I thought they'd gone away ... clearly not.

These adverts are not directly controlled by us so getting the avis ones removed is a slow-ish procedure that won't be helped by the double bank holiday. Nonetheless I hope to have them gone early next week. Pse bear with me


I would love to help you but I am using a horrible thing called firefox with adblock installed. I wish I had a Mac and then I could experience the "it just works" phenomenon.
Adblock works fine with my FireFox, and I'm running a ibook

sent from my HTC Wildfire, so I probably should be working
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