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Annoying adverts


Book Reviewer
Rather than start a new thread about and old matter,

Why am I being offered the chance to stay at a Thai hotel I've been to before on a thread about restriction of privileges by red square? Especially as I'm using the phone? Is this cookies at work, history tracking or something more nefarious?


Book Reviewer
Where are all the porn site adverts then? I would click on those ;)

I found it strange, as I keep getting spam mail from that hotel, and obviously my accounts are on the phone too. I appreciate the site has to make money for the CO's, but a lot of people are now browsing in private, flushing their history and all that to avoid this kind of thing. Before, footer and side adverts were fine, but in actual posts too?

Still, I don't have to log in and post, eh?
I' don't mind the adverts on the right hand side - they are acceptable but the ones that drive me a bit insane are the ones you are now putting within the posts - like the one above. It screws up the formatting of the post.


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