Annoying Advert, Nice Bird

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by still21inmymind, Feb 10, 2008.

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  2. talking of annoying ads...have you seen the one for the Boots No7 anti-wrinkle shoite? Probably not being blerks...but would it make a difference if i said, i swear the bird in it is her from Ashes to Ashes but minus the dodgy bubble perm??...and the stockings and mini skirt, she's not wearing them either!! Or the gun!

  3. your right it is her

    she was the bird that was on spooks as well

    she would defitnely get it

    in fact I would put some effort in for her

    who was the original bird singing on the diamond car insurance ad
  4. Anti wrinkle = Polyfiller.

    Looking at this ad, and they wonder why so many young girls go on crazy diets and kill themselves, lets see NORMAL women! NOT bloody Stick Insects! .. .. :wink:
  5. But on that ad she scubs up remarkably well, my tadger goes into Auto-ranging mode.
  6. Does she do the "shake and vac"?

    That was annoying too!
  7. She did a bit of topless modelling at the start of her career - Google image search for "Nikki Theobald" :D
  8. That bird on the Maltesers advert seems strangely alluring.

    I'd give her some new ways to be naughty.

    The filthy minx.
  9. Gentlemen,May I present to you Keely Hawes.

  10. Time to bump up this thread with an image sent to me by an old mate.


    The bird has a first class pair of puffy lips and it really pained me to have to appease the MODS instead of posting it unedited.
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