Annoyed - No Jobs???!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by roberto1986, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. right, had my BARB yesterdaya nd got 57, not brilliant but not to bad. He told me it was above average.Then he prints off a list of jobs 48 in total. Theres liek 4 or 5 im interested in but nearly all the "places left" column is zero, then there is some intake dates. Whats the point in giving me a list of jobs that have zero places???!!! the one i want is military inteligence OP, it says theres one place left and the next intake is novemeber 2011, is there any chance i am going to make it onto that one?? and if not, are all these intakes going to start again at some point? is it a one time only thing? im also confused by some of the job descriptions, can someone tell me what these are and a basic description or link to the job on the army website?

    RA - SE Gunner crewman
    RAC SE Crewman
    AAc groundcrew

    im interested in aircraft, so anything to do with planes and il be there.

    Theres loads of infantry places, which im still debating about. If you join any job in the army, are you stuck with that job for ever?

    So basically im confused, all these jobs hes given me that say zero places or dont have a date, will they start recruiting again? im feeling really dissapointed. Desperately want the military intel role.!!! I also noticed that on one of the jobs it says places left is -2,, does that mean theres a chance i could be squeeezed onto a course somewhere even if they are apparently full?
  2. If you are "interested" in aircraft Join the RAF.
  3. You could make the November intake, if you get your ADSC quickly and you pass they could put you through for that one. The speed things seem to be moving for potential recruits now though, I'd say not.

    Every job will start recruiting and have another intake, you may be waiting a while though. It's up to you to decide what comes first, joining the Army quickly or getting the job you want. I suggest the latter.

    RA gunner -You'll be training as a gunner in an AS90 I assume.
    RAC Crewman - You'll eventually learn how to drive and also become and gunner in an armoured vehicle
    AAC groundcrew - You'll wash helicopter windscreens

    Anything you are not sure about, ask in the careers office. Admittedly they might not know EVERYTHING about EVERY job, but they should at lleast be able to offer you info, booklets and even contact with people who do.

    You will not be stuck in 1 job forever, many people transfer. You'd need to be prepared to do a few years in your initial job though, it's not always the easiest to transfer very soon.

    If you're interested in planes, join the RAF. Few/no planes in the Army.
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    lets see now, being that my own grammar and spelling are fairly shite and that even I can spot your mistakes.... Military inteligence op huh!

    as for your questions clicky here Let me google that for you

    also -2 might actually refer to a course being oversubscribed, just a thought.
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  5. I know this sounds obvious and probably not too helpful, but why don't you just sit down with the recruiters in the office and ask all these questions, then you will be sure to get the right advice? Making potentialy life changing choices on the basis of answers given on an anonymous website doesn't sound too bright to me.
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  6. From what I have seen, that wouldn't even matter!
  7. You know this site has some decent folk who try to help you, then theres pricks like someone above who have nothing better to do than say things like omg your spelling and grammar is crap, or why dont you google it. Dont you think iv tried that? and liek i give a shit about spelling and grammar on a forum!! get a life.

    tried the RAF, got an automated email telling me they were to busy due to number of applicants, its a joke!

    Im not ruling out infantry though.
  8. If you like plane spotting, you could try RLC mover/dispatcher. However, you will forever be known as a cunt.
  9. So, you were in the Army Careers office, surrounded by people in the know, with literature and DVDs for you to watch, but instead of asking someone there, you walked home, logged onto the internet, and asked us instead?

    Go for the infantry.
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  10. If you've just done you BARB youve still got a bit of a distance to ADSC let alone staring basic in November. I had my second interview on the 20th July and my selection isn't until the 22nd September. If i pass that i'm just hoping I start basic before June 2012. And that's being realistic.

    I'm afraid as had been said previously its the same for all us would be recruits at the moment, things are moving sloowwwlllyyy. The benefit of course however is that you can get your fitness up!
  11. lol obviosuly i will ask the recruiting officer about it, just thought if id ask here first, there was noone to speak to on the day. I just think its odd that they let people sit tests, go to selection etc but to me it appears as though, there isnt any jobs going anyway. So maybe some potential recruits can see my post and see that they are most likely wasting their time. Unless you join in the suicide roles e.g g infantry anyway, hopefully someone with recruitment knowledge will be along soon.
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  12. With all due respect roberto, but whether I have to wait a month, a year or 5 years to get a job in the army it's what I want to do and i'm going to pursue it. If youre willing to give up already maybe the forces isn't right for you?
  13. Fuck off, he's got technical support specialist written all over him, or Armourer
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  14. Suicide roles? oh dear. This thread has just took a turn for the worse.
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  15. Woah, I'm sure there are a lot of people who would take great exception to that comment. I'd be careful bandying things like that around in the earshot of anyone in the Army to be honest.