Announcemrent on Army reorganisation delayed.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Plans to announce the most controversial reorganisation of the Army of the last 50 years have been delayed amid growing fears of a public backlash over defence cuts.

    Announced during Sports Day,so no-one notices perhaps?

    Announcement on Army reorganisation delayed - Telegraph
  2. Why oh why do we call it sports day? It's longer to say and it's not exactly subtle is it!
  3. No news scheduled in good time that's bad or good enough to bury it under then...
  4. I think it could be a case of 'Good day for bad news' when it is released, something which isn't going to help alot of people.
  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Dennis Healey's first law of holes: "when you're in a hole, stop digging".

    Me thinks Call Me Dave has just realised this is a sure fire vote loser.

    And axing the odd Scottish regiment or two is only going to help Wee Eck break up the UK...

  6. "Just give it to us straight Doc, will we feel any pain, cos if we,re****ed"
  7. Well if this is to be believed and it is predominantly support arms which take the hit, presumably the intention is to replace them with civillian contractors?
  8. Proberbly true, which is all fine and dandy untill we need to take a bunch of untrained, unwilling civies to some shitehole war zone in order to fix out wagons.
  9. Maybe a hauling up of the drawbridge followed by a period of isolationism would be in order.
  10. Depends how it's spun.. "Army cut to 'sensible peace time levels' in order to ensure every citizen can have emergency haemorrhoid surgery on the NHS/every school child gets a scientific calculator/child allowance is index linked to the price of gin" is a sure fire vote winner outside of garrison towns.

    Axing the odd Scottish regiment will lose the Tories.. How many seats exactly? A
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  11. Which we do now and they are not quite untrained, very willing and the facilties are pretty good where they fix the wagons!
  12. Nothing to do with Her Majesty dropping subtle hints by having Gurkhas flank her dias during the review on Saturday then? ;-)
  13. The Emperor Coe has decreed that no reference shall be made to the big event,or using it's name in any context without having paid a £25,000+vat Licencing and Publicity Fee.
    His word is law.
    Therefore the use of the word "Olympics" "Olympiad" "Paralympics" or any derivation thereof shall be punishable by a fine of £5000 or six months in prison.
    How is saying "sports day" any longer the "The London Olympics 2012"?
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  14. Are running goat fucks actually an Olympic (TM) event? If not they should be CMD would win us a gold no problem.