Announcement of proportion

When I was promoted to captain, my BC simply took me to one side, chatted desultorily about shooting, rugby and wine and then said "Next time, why don't you come as a captain..."

Then when I was promoted to major, my CO wrote to me and said "I can only assume that the recent board had a jolly good lunch, because they have agreed you should be promoted to Major. This will no doubt come back to haunt them..."

Finally when further advanced in my calling, I was taken to one side and asked if i had any Lt Col's slides. I replied I did not to which I was handed a pair and asked not to make too much fuss about it, as then "the other buggers will be wanting them"...and charged through my mess bill.

None of these announcements of promotion were what one would call orthodox. Has anyone else received news of their elevation or indeed reduction in such cavalier and informal ways?
2nd time I got my Lance Jack, I was told I was answering the phone incorrectly and promptly fined a bottle of port:) Would that qualify?


Certainly the OC smiled whilst the rest of the JNCO's bollocked me for being incorrectly dressed! Nothing new there then!
A very grubby 2Lt Ex hanging from the lid of an even grubbier Saxon in the depths of Crychan's Wood/Forest (?) was gripped by the CO for being 'incorrectly dressed'. I was still looking furtively about for the approach of our severe and germanic Adjt when he shook my hand.
Yes... when I was promoted to Lance Jack from a grubby fat little Signalman.... One of the old Alkies in the unit who had been busted more times than a hoares drawers have been up and down, came over to me...patted me on the head... called me a 'F***cking Something bar-steward!', and poured his f*cking lunch all over mey head and down my best Number 2's just after I had been to see the Colonel.

You bet that did massive things for my moral and ego after my nice new shiny tapes had had gravy rubbed into them..... yeeah!! 12 years later I was one of those Regimental Alkies...... booo hooo!! And I lost my Screws tapes...... waaaaah!!! :oops: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Whilst serving in Bosnia, a 2Lt for whom I was responsible, became substantive. I informed the Canadian General, in whose HQ the now Lt was serving. The General decided that at the end of the next morning’s briefing he would announce that one of his officers was incorrectly dressed.

It all went a bit flat, as the Lt in question had imbibed a little too much the night before, and wasn’t even at the briefing. Ooops!
I was on a civi course when my 3rd tape was announced and got the news by post-it note on the class-room door.
When I got promoted from O/Cdt to 2Lt the rather nice place I was staying at put on a little party for me. There was a helter skelter, bumper cars and they even did fireworks. Unfortunately there was no jelly or ice-cream. Nevertheless it was still lovely!
I was told of my promotion to Sgt whilst walking through Liverpool Street Station via a phone call from the Comcen in the FI!
I got my sgt rank slide thrown at me, and told we need a sgt and you are it!
I got a letter from my OC when I passed RCB telling me that 'he really had no confidence in me and didnt think I would make it.. But well done anyway..'.

Still, I'm not bitter, I out-rank him now. Ha!
A friend of mine, who had just got out of hospital in bosnia after rolling a road-roller down a mountain side, was marched into see the OC expecting to be charged for the cost of the road-roller and for losing his rifle - he came out promoted from LCpl to Cpl.
When I got my Sgt's stripes my CO explained that during the last promotions board, that the lucky bag must have worn thin as my name had fallen out of the bottom and that it must have been put back in at the top by mistake.

I Never did like that fat pie eating cnut :D
I was on post Granby leave when a friend of mine who was a clerk in a UK based HQ got my details and phoned me at home to let me know I'd picked up my first tape. I must have made such as good impression they never bothered promoting me again!
When I got my third I was just told to come in the next day as a Sgt. That was it. A lot more was made of getting my Staffy though.
When i got my lance jack i was working on the signal receive position in COMMCEN Northern Ireland. I sat in front of the teleprinter (it was that long ago) and watched the signal come in. It was agony, watching it print out the various trade groups, then the names in alphabetical order and finally seeing my name printed out!

I took a spare copy into my Tp staffy and told her there wasnt much point in trying to wind me up with a fake charge or anything.

I was notified of my WO2 by text, which was new to me.
When I was given my Brigadier, I was marched in and told I was incorrectly dressed, marched out again, changed rank slides, march back in and congratulated!

Err, probably...