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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LurganCrow, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Hello one and all! The Crow is back!

    Yes, I am pissed up cos I got engaged at New Year's Eve. BUT I am NOT driving anywhere . . .

    So, congrats to me and Stephanie, but I am now waiting for the shit to come - throw my friends, throw as hard as you fucking like! NONE will stick cos Dick and Fanny was MADE for each other!!

    By the way, those names wasn't a joke - Richard and Stephanie shrink to Dick and Fanny. How FUCKING COOL is that! I'm going to put it right across my windscreen and argue with the bastard JPs in court!


    Seriously, be happy for me. This time ten years ago I gave it 8 big ones to top myself. Now I am engaged to the future.


    YEEEEEEHAAAAAW . . . . . . . :twisted:
  2. You failed then?

    Does your new fiancee know you are an underacheiver?
  3. Remarkably good spellng ad punctuation considering your apparent state. Better than me when i'm sober.

    Congratulations to you both. :D
  4. Thanx. Not too pissed up, just well merry - doesn't stop the braincells too much. Got responsibilities now.

    AAC - was with 656 throughourt CORPORAtE. Fuck. So much for spelilng. Oh bollocks

    Happy 2008
  5. Oh she knows it but luckily shes not too into sexual satisfaction :p

    fuck offf and leave me to my beer.
  6. Any pics?
  7. Engaged on New Years Eve and still pi$$ed? I've heard of drinking to forget but this is OTT. You're in for a shock when you sober up.

    Anyway, congrats and all that.

    Makes a change to have some good news in the Bar.
  8. Yeah. But I dont know how to post them into a message . . . cant make heads or tails of the shite help page cos it keeps telling me I am not who I am and then to fuck off

    I tried to add it as an attachment but lord knows where its gone . . .

    Happy New Year guys n gals. Im off to the pit.

    Later comment is - SHIT! IT WORKED!! THERE YOU GO THEN. Thats me n the crazy Stephanie on the piss a short while ago.

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  9. THE Pit? or your pit?

    Well done you crazy kids xxxxx
  10. Yep, thats crazy Steph all right

    crazy crazy crazy
  11. congrats!!! happy new year to all!!!!
  12. Congratulations to you man Happy New Years!
  13. Can I be your best man??? Only because I like shagging bridesmaids (I'd shag a barbers floor if it had hair on it, so aslong as her names not Dave) in plush hotels, then wiping my knob on the curtain afterwards.....

    If not how about free beer all night in the evening do, for me and fellow arrsers - so we can all make your wedding night to rememeber!!!

    We wont hide in your cupboard on the special night, honest - the balcony will do !!!!

    Many congratulations to lucky lady - she has won lifes lottery attached to a jo squad.....
  14. I don't know you but you both look so happy in the pic I have to add my "Best wishes to you both"

    All the best!!
  15. are you wearing green waders?