Anniversary of Science Run Amok!

July 25th marks the 30th anniversary of the birth of the world's 1st "test tube baby" - Louise Joy Brown..

Just saw a phottie of her and she makes the size 16 Miss England contestant look anorexic!!

Jayzuzz!! when they were 'sperimenting with her genes and loading her into the turkey baster, they might have considered doing some splicing and tarting up in anticipation of flogging the ' new and improved' version of wimmen...Hell, even the best Hollywood Cutter and Paster would have a hard time tarting that up..

C'mon, look what they've managed to do with Cher FFS..... as a spokesperson for the ' miracle of modern science' no one is going to burst into the song " Mrs. Brown you got a luvly daughter "

still, 4 million babies worldwide been done by 'the process' [ not including the do-it-yourselfers ] in the last 30 years - gets to be a bit ' ho-hum'.[ unless MDN is involved ]
So it's true, there are some things man was not meant to know...
Wow that bitch is ugly as fook. Surely it cant be too hard to add some decent-looking genes to the tube.



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This was mentioned in a letter to the ediotr in viz a couple of years ago. If anything the extra time have just increased its relevence. What a fookin' ugly munter...
World's first Test-Tube Mutant more like.
No wonder people are concerned about the effects of genetic engineering experiments that is just horrible.
I suppose you have to cut the boffins some slack as she was their first result from the mixing bowl..

still, 30 years on and 4 million later, every pour should look like Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science, you'd think...otherwise what's the point? Get it done right with a pipette in a petri dish and there'd be no need for thousands spent later on for the docs to carve and stuff with plastic...

" we can rebuild her, we have the technology!"

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