Anniversary of Jump into Northern Iraq

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tomahawk6, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Awesome picture.


    It is a good thing there was no one waiting for them, what with being stuck waist deep in mud and all...
  2. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Rather a heavy handed approach in dealing with Gate Gourmet Iraq staff! 8O
  3. Personnally, I think it has to have been the most pathetic attempt at grabbing some positive PR that I can think of during the war - and they still seem to be banging on about it in some circles!!!
    The drop zone was accepted by all concerned to be utterly benign. So why not just plop the C-17s down on the surface and let the lads walk out the back????? Nevertheless, they did a (relatively) low level 'COMBAT' drop, into a secure airfield - the USMC and our own SBS had been operating in the area for quite some time - and in some force (more than a 1,000 all told). "Second front" - Yeah!!!!
    This was a PR stunt that put more US Airborne troops, as a proportion of total force, into hospital (broken legs etc) than the Iraqis managed down south against the 82nd Airborne!!!!!

  4. At least they got to put that little star on their wings...hmmm I wonder if that had ANYTHING to do with the decision to lob in rather than air-land??
  5. It was an utter waste of money designed as a 'force projection' exercise. That sort of thinking is why the US will never be free of their War on Terror.

    Cracking phot, mind.
  6. it was only done because their CO wanted the blokes to have there jump badges

    there are pics around of them sitting around on there bergans waited for some thing to do or quitely bundleing up 'chutes because there was nothing else to do!
  7. I was with the 325th AIR of the 82nd down south at the time, the 173rd have large brass ones to wear the mustard stain if you ask me-Ive seen more casualties on a Mass attack onto sicily DZ on Bragg.US Special Forces and the Pesh were in complete control of the DZ(as Ive been told) but theres nothing like passing out some undeserved awards to keep the Generals happy. I wonder what veterans of Normandy and Market Garden would think of this nonsense.
  8. There are plenty of mustard stains around, why should you object to a few more ? Also, you seem to be saying that an operational lob only counts if if it's onto an enemy-held DZ and involves loads of casualties ?

    There's probably still a lot of mutual respect between Normandy/Arnhem veterans and the modern airborne soldier, the use of airborne troops on Telic (whether it was strictly essential or not) will only enhance that mutual respect (?)

    (p.s. not having a pop at anyone, just giving my viewpoint)
  9. I think an operational (i.e. tactical with opposition) jump should count whereas this kind of deployment is just nonsensical when compared with "real" combat jumps. It is facile in the extreme to compare Nijmegen, Sicily, Arnhem and D Day with this "operation". If you really need airborne soldiers at Point X in enemy held territory then why take a chance on getting x-the number injured during a lob-in? After all, the SF and Peshmurga had local superiority and an airlanding op would have been infinitely preferable - unless there was another agenda.
  10. Cuddles says it all, I believe the reason for the "Combat" jump was to award the mustard stain.When the 4th Bn of the 325th AIR of the 82nd were preparing to jump into Haiti, chair warmers from the hill and brigade arrived at green ramp and started bumping shooters from their chalks.So as to facilitate upward momentum in some young Os careers-nothing like combat awards to strengthen the old OER bullets.
  11. looking at all the mud they landed in was the runway safe to land on ?
  12. I know if I had the chance I would have jumped (arf arf) at the chance of taking part. How many of us would have turned it down?

    Agree with the previous posts about shiny arrses taking up places at the expense of Toms just for their vanity though, this trait is not unique to the Americans.
  13. Would it have been safer to land the aircraft? A bloke breaking his leg is one thing, an aircraft full of troops piling in because of FOD, hitting mud, a lone landmine, etc, is a bit more of a risk.

    Surely an Op drop is just a quick method of deploying troops on the flanks or in front of you where you need them, regardless of whether or not they land into a firefight!!!
  14. Sports afternoon, beats playing volley ball in NBC kit!

    Good call Uncle Spam!