Anniversary Lost Amid the Hoopla

Lots going on in the wind up to the 60th anniversary of VE day..Canucks at home are planning lots of local remembrance thingies.. parades, commemmorations, retrospectives that stuff as well a bit of a controversy over who will ' represent' Canada in Holland at the Liberation of the Netherlands whoop up as Canuckistan is in the midst of a political toss-up and the Prime Minister is afraid to leave the country lest it not be there when he returns...

Meashwhile, as all this goes on and the public gets fired up to partay over WWII some other guys are being left behind in the dust..

today is the eve of the 30th anniversary of another military milestone.. the ' defeat ' of America in Vietnam .. Call it what you like, this week marks 3 decades since the howstilities there ended for America and the world.. and while historians are left to debate the rightness or wrongness of the conflict, the fact remains that a good many Americans, Aussies, Canadians and others fought , died or were wounded, mentally and physically, byt that war...

they should not be forgotten amid the hoopla for another time..
I , for one, will take a moment to salute them for their response to the call and their sacrifice of life and limb...the least they deserve...
Firstly, I should admitt that I was a student protester against the war (not that we British were involved, but as I remember there was a great fear that we would be).
However, i join you in remembering the Fallen, and the wounded. Young men doing their job to the best of their ability. God Bless them.
Having many family friends who served in Vietnam, I hope that one day we are able to look at with the same respect for those soliders as other men who have served else where in conflict.

Cheers 2CB

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