Anniversary Break

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cheggarsRE, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Right gents and ladies,

    Needing some help here as to where to spend a week long break for my anniversary in August. Not willing to fly more then 4 hrs and money is no problem.

    I do believe that some of you will have been there and seen there once or twice so was hoping for some advice of places i should be looking at.

    Not bothered bout 'clubbing'
    ..must be a bar though
    anywhere in europe including UK
    Happy to drive for hours..
    Camping or hotels don't matter
    Like something to do each day 'if we want'

    Cheers again and i'm sure the much travelled members of arrse and the old romantics will reply.

  2. Went to Menorca a couple of years ago - it was far, far better than I expected it to be. Serene, and unlike its trashy counterparts (Ibiza, Mallorca, Benidorm etc) it's a tidy place, family friendly (altho not overbrimming with screaming snotty-nosed kids).

    Plenty to do, slightly pricey - but well within your 4-hour flying limit.

    Oh, and bars everywhere :D
  3. Is this for the wife or the girlfriend that the wife doesn't know about
  4. Gibraltar..................Rock Hotel........loads of bars, great views, bit of blighty but abroad, good sunshine almost every day, a few places to see by taxi or short walk, can even go to the Costa if you get bored (a night in Puerto Banus if you really want to push the boat out).......enjoy.
  5. Otterburn.

    Edited to add: Or Paris.
  6. Budapest. It has everything to offer for a decent price.

    Stay here:

    Great hotel, within walking distance of nearly everything, and a couple of streets away from a great pedestrianised road with great bars, and restaraunts.

    Usually some good deals to be had on expedia also.
  7. As this is in the NAAFI, how about taking her to Brecon, beast her over (or on) the fan?

    Carcassonne and is within driving distance of Andorra as well.
  8. I got that hotel through expedia for pittence. Take a look, and see if there are any deals on.
  9. Blackpool, then give her a whirl in the ballroom
  10. cheers guys...any places in france other then paris?? i go paris i'll end up 'just taking a look' for 2 days in bloody euro disney....

    Normandy was recommended but i don't wanna end up dragging her to beaches where it's full of chinks and school trips..

    and the obligutary bus of pi55ed up phase one squaddies...
  11. Nice, Perpignan, Lyon or Biarritz

    If OH enjoys a bit of shopping then head from Nice to Ventigmiglia in Italy on Friday for the market

    Edited cos he couldn't spell proper
  12. Dijon. I was there last week and the region is lovely. Beaune is the capital of Burgundy wine and that's close by.

    And rather than saying your missus is bone, you can then say your missus is IN Beaune.
  13. Toulouse and Bordeaux are nice places
  14. i was in lyon with the bird (the same that you lot helped me with during the 3rd date in london thread) at the end of jan, it was a stunning city and she was very very happy with me!!!!
    lots of very good places to eat and drink huge amounts of red wine