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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BigRed, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. After watching a show on BBC 2 last night about property prices I was none the wiser whether the big Crash predicted for about the last ten years or so will ever happen.

    The one thing I got from it was mighty annoyed at the houses Annington Homes were selling. People were camping for six weeks to buy Ex military Quarters at 25% below current value.

    I remember the JSHAO leaflet that used to give first refusal to the military, now I would need to have six weeks spare to camp out and get a similar deal.

    If they had kept this system going squaddies leaving the service could have had an easier transition and there may not have been the uproar about Annington Homes selling of "Surplus" Quarters.

    Was it just me or were the houses they were selling in better nick than most quarters I have lived/looked in?

    Rant over
  2. I remember a bunch of MQ's in Arborfield getting sold off. The decorator's were in there quicker than a ferret up a drainpipe to ensure that the, frankly, 'orrible state of the houses was up to at least pre-war standard.
  3. I agree that ex- forces should be given priority over civvys and if they decline the property then it should be offered to civvys at the market rate.

    But Annington Homes is a private company and like all private companies all they care about is profits.
  4. Agreed that Annington Homes are a civvy company however it was the MOD that set up the contract.

    If all they care about is the profit, offer homes to the squaddies at the same 25% below current market value and I would imagine they would be snapped up without the six weeks camping and other admin arrangements on day of opening.

    Who knows may even stop some of the complaints if they were seen to assist squaddies get on the market.
  5. Really what it comes down to at the end of the day is MONEY, companies don't care how long you camp for or what you do for a job just as long as they get the price they want for a house with very little cost.
  6. I found a few houses being sold off in Edinburgh on behalf of the MOD. Offers over £151K for a 3 bed house. Solid houses but as usual the finish was crap

    They will go for about 200K and that a little too much for our current budget.
  7. I know there have been a number of threads about this contract. Mods please move if desired.

    Guy Hands set for £3.5bn Army housing deal - Telegraph

  8. Because the people making the financial decisions in various Govt Depts (not just MOD) do not have the necessary experience in the big nasty outside business environment that would give them the required savvy to deal successfully with these civilian firms.
  9. Don't mention his name to former EMI employees or investors.
  10. Any decision of this size is effectively made by the Ministers for political or other motives. Now wouldn't it be a surprise if politicians were later found to be advisors to Annington or Nomura?