Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Muppett, Aug 5, 2003.

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  1. The recent sale of married Quarters at Kineton in Warwickshire is scandalous. The military unit at the site is expanding to form the Defence School of Munitions and plans to base more Tps there are in train - yet the Quarters are sold off [despite both DHE and Annington Homes being aware of these changes]

    Some Facts:

    Annington Homes [A subsidary of the Nomura Corp] bought the 57,600 MQ's held by the MOD in 1996. They paid an Avge of 28,000 per house [The 2 beds at Kineton cost 5,000 and sold last week for 100,000 each].

    It gets better - The MOD then leased back the Qtrs from Annington. The MOD are contracted to pay for all upkeep and modernisation of the Qtr whilst they rent it [funny that, its usually the Landlord's responsibility isn't it]. Under the terms of the deal, Annington Homes were to be allowed to sell 600-700 houses per annum as they became surplus.

    By Mar 2002, DHE actually handed over 12,000 Qtrs for disposal - Almost 8000 more than would have been released under the agreement.

    So why was this done? - well the Govt of the day felt, quite rightly that it was wrong for MQ's to stand empty whilst people were Homeless. Annington Homes do sell their houses off at less than the going mkt rate.

    I cannot decide if this is a scandal or whether Annington Homes are just very good buisnessmen. Fair play to them, they are raking it in at the moment.

    Still, 1 in 4 homeless are Ex Servicemen. The MQ's and Single Accommodation is universally in a shocking state due to lack of funds and DHE are percieved to be in bed with Annington at a senior level.

    Views Any one? - Some source Material below:

  2. Hhahahhahahahahhahaahhahahhahahahahahahhahahaha

    The "Government of the Day, felt nothing of the sort. What is truly scandalous , is that we are still dealing with Annington on this basis.
  3. I was trying to be slightly objective :lol: :lol:

    The rumour I heard - and I have no proof - is that the Quango the Govt commissioned to report on Defence Housing contained members who had some sort of direct link to Annington Homes - hence the overly sweet deal.

    either way PtP, its a f**ckin con. The MOD seem to end up paying twice over - particularly when DHE quote that they are only responsible for housing you within 50 miles of yr duty station, then they go and sell off housing stock inside the sh$gging barracks you work at.

    Bastards. :evil:
  4. I'm sure the fact that Nomura Securities' Principal Finance unit - the boys who brought you Annington - was headed at the time and until recently by Guy Hands, William Hague's best friend, had nothing at all to do with it.
    (Hands was close enough to foetus boy to advise him to "forget about the leadership and spend the next five years f*cking your brains out with Ffyon". They went to Oxford together and worked for McKinsey at the same time.)
  5. Just heard from a civil servant colleague who lives in Tidworth that Annington are letting out properties to civilians. Don't know if there is any truth in it but more fuel to your argument if true. He heard that it was part of a move to get a better balance of civvy's versus military in the area.
  6. Surely Annington Homes cannot sell the houses until they are released back to them from Defence Housing Executive [DHE]. How come they release houses that are blatantly required?

    I heard that there is a shortage of housing for Military based at Wilton, and Ashchurch in Gloucester - both areas where DHE have either recently released stock or pay to rent properties because the current stock is insufficient. Does anybody know of shortages any where else? :(
  7. Again if true, I refer to my earlier point - This will reduce the amount of housing stock available to the military who require to be quartered within a reasonable distance of their workplace. In turn this will cost against the overall MOD Budget by the time it has coughed up for RESPOD claims - it just does not make sense. :evil:
  8. Ahhhhhh , soz Muppet :lol:

    Very well phrased . My personal reaction, would be that it was a fc*king con, and bent as a bent thing. Queen Evil Trout and her legions of fcu*ing darkness, sold some of the MOD's best assets to "Private Industry" to friends of the Party.,11816,778218,00.html

    Anyway, look how easy Annington have made it to buy your MQ :evil:

    Weren't Nomura involved in the Millennium Dome?
  9. As for them renting out, that'll be picked up on by your local council who will promptly move all their 'trouble families' (AKA Thievin' Gyppo c*nts) straight in. It gets shot of them off their turf and some other bugger inherits a new crime rate. Thievin' Gypsy C8nts.........Coming to an Annington Estate near YOU!!........and SOON!!

    I know someone who bought an Annington home and they were quite chuffed with it. I know two other arrseholes who camped out for days (some would say camped out on the edge of f*ckin' reality) to buy one each and decided on the last evening that they didn't want them after all. Never could quite make them out......probably just liked the thought of camping I suppose. Ringpieces!

    From my own point of view, the ones around my area are mediocre. The renovations they have made are those which the MOD should have made to begin with when Joe Squaddies was living in them. I can't see the attraction. They just look like brightly coloured MSQ estates.

    Somebody somewhere has made a load of dosh out of it though.
  10. Bill Oddie the home-owning Squaddie - comes in useful cardboard box
  11. Nomura bid for it, but I seem to remember them pulling out before spunking their £500 mill. They did buy 5,500 pubs though. Who wouldn't?
  12. Not to mention Warton and preston i had a quarter sold from under my feet in formby one of only 5 left in the area!
  13. I am afraid all this is water under the bridge now and like many, I think the whole matter is scandalous.

    The governement of the day were to blame. They needed to raise money and though this will cost the MOD more over the lifetime of the contract, it was deemed then - as value for money. When this happened there were 20% more quarters that were required, consequently the MOD agreed to sell a set amount of quarters each year, until supply equalled demand.

    Now we all know how diffucult it is to match supply and demand but this is assessed at Garrison level.

    Not much we can do now except ensure that DHE perform and provide the service they are contracted to provide to our families. This is an area that I am homing in on. If you are not getting the service, then put the matter in writing to your DHE representative, copy to your Garrison HQ, or post in a suitable forum here !
  14. As Ramillies has said, this is unfortunately water under the bridge, but don't think for one second that it is restricted to the MOD.

    My business was built on the back off what used to be local and central government contracts that were farmed out to the private sector (i.e. me) as opposed to continuing to allow government agencies to run them.

    Whilst this may not have improved quality, it has improved the govs favourite TLA, which is VFM, value for money. Basically, with myself, I can provide an equivalent service to the one that the gov were getting prior to privatisation for less money, simple as that.

    Luckily, at both central and local level, the "old" method of allowing the cheapest bidder to win has now gone and we face a new system called "Best Value", where a committee sits down and decides which tender gives best value in as much as costs verus results. Certainly at local gov level, these committees are very, very answerable to the public (their clients) at large and huge amounts of the nasty stuff can hit the fan if the tender and subsequent selection process is not carried out correctly.

    Unfortunately though, it isn't retrospective and if they've already sold the assets (i.e. the MQ's), there is very little that can be done.

    What I do know though, is that as a tenant of a private landlord (both me and MDN are landlords, minor part of the same business) you do have a huge amount of rights which can turn into a real nightmare for the landlord if not upheld.

    I work extensively with 3 major councils and the one thing they hate above all else is a tenant that really knows their rights, to the extent that I can name estates in all three boroughs where hugely preferential treatment is given because the residents have had enough about them to form their own committees demanding, vocally, that the authority upholds it's legal obligations.

    Where there is no "one" voice, these obligations are blatantly ignored, as it is an easy way for the councils to save money.

    The rights of a soldier are no less than the rights of a civilian where privately rented accommodation is concerned, it’s just a case of knowing what you can complain about, who to complain to and how to formulate that complaint in such a way that it is heard.

    Whether or not this is enforceable with an agency that is the size of what used to be the PSA remains to be seen, but the law applies to them in the same way that it applies to everyone else.
  15. Apparently Nomura/Annington is involved here somewhere. Don't blame me for any of this content, but it was passed to me by someone else; I'm not a member of BNP and this was purely to do with the housing issue.