Annex A for courses

Is this a Gunner thing?

For all RA courses students need the Annex A from the Course Training Plan (Training Objectives) signed by their BC to state that they have the necc pre-requisites listed and are released to attend the course.

Its to do with the audit trail for training.
Gotcha - seen! I thought MSR was off in the clouds again!

Sounds like more insanity sponsored by TSG to keep people in work in their foul smelling portakabin to be honest! :D
Perhaps the question needs asking in another forum as to whether this is just a Gunner thang...


by the state of both your posts you obviously know nothing about training or the documentation required to stop young soldiers suing the Army with the old 'I wasn't taught that' sketch

I assure you that you are quite quite wrong - please don't confuse light-hearted banter with a (real life) good chum with anything else; and furthermore, please don't allow your obvious love affair with TSG to cloud your thinking. I routinely see the effects of not following correct documentation - and the effects it has on peoples' careers.

Or you could carry on and simply make yourself look like an utter idiot - everyone who knows the 'real life' me knows the essential fallacy behind your last post.

Thanks for stopping by. Continue via PM if you absolutely must persist.


Apologies to everyone else - MSR in answer to your question, Annex A is purely a Gunner thing (for now) but ongoing work at LWC is seeing the practice brought forward into a wider area of interest, with at least 2 other Directorates trialling a similar process now. Wait out.

Edited to add the precise number of Directorates!
So what about 'Detachments front' - I haven't seen that before either.

'Detachments Front' is a phrase best yelled out on a freezing cold morning parked up in Collie in my view! :)

I think it derives from the days of horse drawn guns, where there were lots of men, horses and kit all over the place taking up a lot of space.

I reckon it's a good cry - keeps everything nice and simple - and is much easier to check prior to departure.
Annex A for courses is definately not just a gunner thing. Detachments Front is an old system of ensuring everything is prepared for deployment.

You assure me that i'm quite wrong, yeah whatever fella, i'll retreat to just observing the site like many others.

Just because you're a MOD doesn't make you always right.

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