Anne meets troops in Afghanistan

Princess Anne has met British troops in Afghanistan - the first royal visit since soldiers were deployed in the south of the country earlier this year.
The Princess Royal saw British soldiers in Helmand province and visited Nato's headquarters in the capital Kabul as part of a two-day tour.

She also met Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Brigadier Ed Butler, commander of the UK's task force.

Brig Butler described the princess's visit as a "great honour".

He said he explained to her how he was "immensely proud of all the members of the task force".

"I have been hugely humbled by the raw courage and resilience of our soldiers, airmen and aviators.

"It is clear the Princess Royal was also deeply impressed."
I am very impressed. Seriously impressed.

Now who hasn't been there ?

Only the un-elected can be bothered to visit.
First class effort from The Princess Royal, but she's always been like this :
For their faults the Royal Family actually show concern and consideration for this country and its inhabitants, the same cant be said of most others, especially politicians.

Its good to see the Princess Royal continuing this tradition.


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And in the small print: "She was accompanied on the trip by her husband Rear Admiral Timothy Laurence....."

What it doesn't mention is that he is high up in the MoD heirarchy - he's far more than a 'consort' - and he got there entirely on his own merit. He'll no doubt come back with some uncomfortable questions, by he'll be looking out for the Troops, that's for sure.

A sensible and useful Royal Couple - an an object lesson to some other couples who may consider themselves to be 'royalty', perhaps?
The Priness Royal is great value, lived at Sandhurst when Capt Mark Phillips was an instructor there.

Well done her.

As an aside I'd like to point out that Des Browne is a cnut. TCB.
Seroiusly impressed indeed.
Now, where is our president, he seems to be keen on air miles, why has he not got off his PC twitching spineless arrse ??? maybe he has to ask george for the green light first
Well done Anne & Rear Admiral! (shows some minerals does that)
...she's strangely attractive, in a horsey, rigorous way! 8O


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And she is of course Colonel of the Blues and Royals, part of HCR who are deployed in theater.

Good drills
Prince Charles visiting the injured

Two Princes in the mob

Princess Anne visiting Helmland

You cannot fault the royalty for their recent activities,

its not neuro surgery or spin and you don't need the brains of an archbishop to see that simple visible support without an apparent political stand point puts all the westminster worms to shame

Good skills, hat doffed
I had the pleasure of meeting the Princess Royal on a number of occasions in my previous post and she was always friendly, talkative and genuinely interested in what we were doing. A pleasant change for the lads from any visit from a politician, I'll wager.
I remember a stay on HMS Albiston for a week in 1980 doing boat checks in the Irish Sea.HRH Anne had once stayed on the ship for over 24 hours.Being what they are the matelots decided to do a plumbing job on her quarters in the ship.Well being there for that long she had to go.Her kind donation is/was frozen in perspex and sits in pride of place on the ships bridge.

The plaque read.Kindly donated by HRH Princess Anne on her visit to HMS Albiston.A very Royal Donation.

Fair play to her,she doe's give a very good face to the Royal Family,always has.Now her daughter,well thats a different matter!!!!

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