Anne Keen MP Health Minister

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Of course she uses private healthcare, who better than her to know what the alternative can be like. Just because you have a Lab label doesn't mean you believe in any of that common man stuff.
  2. Stupid girl. --- yet another one driven by greed. :x
  3. Would you eat the cake if you knew the chef had used out of date egss and powdered milk to make it?
  4. A bit of sh1tstirring by some hack.

    Believe me, whatever was done in a private clinic, it was not a hell of a lot for £285. There is another thread on ARRSE where a chap is complaining that his GP is charging him £100 to tick 4 boxes on a questionnaire.

    The other story about the house renovations also sounds like a Tory council trying to score political points. The house in question (I've been there several times, admittedly 15-20 years ago) is a Victorian terrace, and probably around 120-150 years old. I'm not surprised it needs an overhaul.
  5. Shitstirring or not she still claimed for private services at a hospital, and had the cheek to claim these back from the taxpayer.

    As to the house, neighbours claim that the Keens havent been seen there for months if not longer, we are paying for their flat overlooking the Thames, while they have their main residence within 10 miles of Westminster.

    Technically and physically they are in breach of the rules. The fact that they have been living full time in their taxpayer-funded “second” home appears to be a clear breach of Commons rules, which state that an MP’s second home should be where he or she spends fewer nights.
  6. Well, I wouldn't be in too much of a rush to believe the Evening Standard, I mean, journos always tell the truth and never put a spin on anything, do they...
  7. Journo's will spin a story, politicians will go out of their way to lie and deceive. Just look at Brown's performance at PMQ's today.

    Still being a Health Minister and submitting private healthcare claims is a bit of a contradiction.
  8. It is strange that the Evening Standard should run this story concerning 'Mrs Expenses', as that erstwhile excellent rag has lurched so far to the Left in the last month or so. Maybe it's editorial staff consider 'Mrs Expenses' a despised Rightist.

    Whatever, another 'minister' of this government of all the goats who will be voted out come the general election. (If she is not standing, the Labour candidate will still not win).
  9. More pi**ed off that she still claims "Main residence" yet not living there and admits to major renovations.
    To me. when you board up windows and have the builders in the property is uninhabited.
    So why not stop claiming..................oops, sorry they are MPs
  10. The Ducking Stool needs to brought back into fashion.
    Failing that,
    kill them all, God knows his own.
  11. Just a question from the other side of the pond. The pictures show a kitchen with stone counters and nice looking cabinet work. Having once had my home remodeled (sadly, shortly before my divorce) I know it is expensive.

    Question?: Did the taxpayers pay for the done over kitchen?