Somewhat unrelated to my military endeavor (but in a similar field), I have just had a bit of interest from a company in Annapolis, am currently waiting to see if I can set up an interview over there.

Not entirely sure if the missus will want to go for it, however, for the right deal we might be tempted to make a move. I've been doing a bit of research on the place, looks nice but pricey, astronomically so with the housing. I see the Naval Academy is there and it all looks historical which is nice. Close to DC, Baltimore etc, its' also closer to the UK which might be handy.

Anyone here ever been or lived there? Any comments would be welcome.
Spent a lot of time in VA on holiday [vacation] so have general warm feeling for entire region. Done Brit tourist day visit to Annapolis, seemed OK. Bit in the sticks, some distance to drive to "hub of the Universe" as I recall, although there are some acceptable Malls when you get towards DC or Baltimore. House prices are similar to better parts of Beltway, which equals better parts of Surrey, which equals loads of money. Property cheaper 150 miles up Idaho!

Are you keen on boats and/or sailors? :D

PS - For flights to UK from area consider MAXjet (DC/Stansted) at, business class at Premium Economy prices and I don't hold shares in the company!
Cold in winter. Fairly expensive. Not pro-firearm. City has decent character and architecture. Nicely located. Maryland is famous for its seafood. I wouldn't live there, but there are certainly worse places to go to. Don't forget to check out Aberdeen.


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