Annans Claims On Casualties May Unravel

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by NEO_CON, Jul 27, 2006.

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    Nasrallh is having a few problems of his own.

    This par for the course for Annan.
  3. Yes he did, and that email (as has been discussed on another thread) was dated 18Jul06- a week before he was killed. Is it unresonable to suggest that the situation may have changed? I know you probably only have the reading age of a 7yr old, but do try and keep up.

    It seems to me that the UN Secretariat is fairly confident in their assertions- contrast that with the foot-shuffling going on in Jerusalem.
  4. Its also reasonable to assume that your buddies Hezbollah had no problem in using the UN post as cover (a violation of some sort of UN regulation) as they had done in the past.

    It certainly is not your reading that is childish, its the gibberish that you regurgitate afterwards.
  5. They're no friends of mine- and neither is Israel.
  6. And which regulation is that then?

    Is that like your buddies in the ABiH who were 'allowed' to use UNPROFOR as cover in an attempt to draw the VRS into firing?

    Now, on the subject of breaking UN regulations/resolutions, who broke this one for 22 years?

    I've highlighted the salient points to make it simple for you.

    I accept that UNIFIL also 'failed' for a further 6 years after 2000, but as I've explained at length in other threads, the reason for that - the blame for that - goes right back to Washington DC!