Annan will sacrifice son to save himself

No, dont worry, he isnt going to kill him to appease the gods, he just plans on cutting him loose in order to save his own reputation.

The sign of a guilty man, or the sign of someone who abhores corruption?

Kofi Annan, the beleaguered United Nations secretary general, is expected to sacrifice his son's reputation today as he fights to save his own position after a damaging report into a family conflict of interest.

The long-awaited report by the commission set up to investigate the scandal-hit oil-for-food programme for Iraq, will criticise the UN leader for a series of management failings.

In particular, he will be accused of failing to recognise or deal with conflicts of interest involving the work of his son, Kojo, for Cotecna, a Swiss firm that had a lucrative UN contract in the multi-million-pound humanitarian programme.

Leaks of the report suggest that Mr Annan will be absolved of having organised or benefited from the United Nations' allocation of contracts.

But there is mounting concern at UN headquarters in New York that new revelations over Cotecna and Kojo Annan will intensify the pressure from Washington for him to step down.

The Wall Street Journal said the report would say that Kojo Annan received nearly $400,000 from Cotecna, more than twice the money previously acknowledged.

It will also focus on four previously undisclosed meetings between Mr Annan and Cotecna starting in 1992, five years before he became secretary general.

Mr Annan has denied any impropriety but his many critics in Washington say that, by failing to disclose the meetings before, he has given the impression of a cover-up.

Republican Right-wingers in Congress who are baying for his blood will seize on the report to press home their argument that he is too discredited to keep his job.

The report has been drawn up by Paul Volcker, a former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, who heads an independent commission appointed by the UN to investigate the oil-for-food programme.

This is the second of three interim reports by the commission and is seen at the UN as being potentially the most damaging to Mr Annan.

"There is a fair amount of anticipation and turbulence," a UN source said. "This is the one that might hurt."

Mr Annan has said that he was "disappointed and surprised" when he learned that Kojo continued to be paid by Cotecna after 1998 when the firm was awarded a contract to monitor the oil-for-food programme.

But in his response to the report he is expected to go much further in distancing himself from his son. UN officials are privately briefing that he has never had a close relationship with his son and that he is exasperated by his behaviour.

The UN set up the oil-for-food programme to allow Saddam Hussein's Iraq, then under strict sanctions, to sell oil for food and medicine. It subsequently emerged that Saddam manipulated it to receive billions of dollars in bribes for lucrative contracts.

Cotecna and both Annans deny any connection between the firm's contract and its employment of Kojo. Cotecna says that Kojo was paid his fee for agreeing not to work for a rival firm in west Africa.

But the report will criticise him for appearing to trade on his family name and will claim that he misled his father over the extent of his involvement with Cotecna, which employed him from 1995 to 1998, as it won the key contract. The report will say that Cotecna paid the $400,000 between 1996 and 2004.

The UN is on the back foot over a range of issues, including a sex scandal in its peacekeeping operation in the Congo, and the first Volcker report last month that savaged the record of Benon Sevan, the former head of the oil-for-food programme.

It has since emerged that up to the publication of the first Volker report the funds for Mr Sevan's legal defence came from the remains of the oil-for-food project.

The White House was furious with Mr Annan over his remarks to the BBC last year that the war against Iraq was "illegal" and for his call for the American-led forces not to launch an offensive on the former insurgents' stronghold of Fallujah.

As the Bush administration seeks to repair relations with its former allies, it has toned down its criticism of the UN, leaving the attacks to Republican congressmen who have long seen it as a bumbling and corrupt restraint on American interests.

"This report will greatly increase the pressure from Congress for Kofi Annan to go," said Nile Gardiner, of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank. Mr Gardiner works closely with the congressional inquiries into the oil-for-food programme.

"What will hurt him is the impression that he has not been completely honest, the impression of a cover-up."

Mr Annan has been secretary general since January 1997. His second term ends at the end of next year.
Koffi annans son cut loose
I trust Kofi like I trust our Tony.
Too late....

I forget exactly when it is next year that his term as UN Sec General expires, but given that US Congressional blood is up over this one, unless Congress is distracted by something else, it'll take something of a miracle for him not to suffer the fate of Boutros Boutros Ghali and be vetoed (behind the scenes) by the US.
UN chief got his son a job in oil-for-food scandal firm

Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the United Nations, was last night under renewed pressure to resign after investigators revealed that he had sought a job for his son with a firm which later won multi-million pound UN contracts.

A 90-page report stated that Mr Annan had used a family friend at the company to seek a post for his son Kojo.

Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan: 'The inquiry has cleared me of wrongdoing'

It said: "Shortly after Kojo Annan graduated from university, the secretary general and [the family friend, Michael] Wilson spoke about the possibility of Kojo Annan working at Cotecna."

Not long afterwards Kojo Annan was employed at Cotecna, a Swiss firm that three years later succeeded in its long-running bid to win a UN contract to monitor the Iraqi regime's import of humanitarian goods.

The report, by the former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker, is part of a series of inquiries into the scandal-ridden UN oil-for-food programme in Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

The Volcker report stated that there was insufficient evidence to show that Mr Annan knew that the UN was going to award a contract to a firm which employed his son. It suggested that the contract was properly awarded.

But it also attacked the secretary general for failing to examine the issue properly once he did know of the link following an article in The Telegraph.

Paul Volcker
Mr Volcker issues his report

Investigators accused Cotecna of making "false statements" to the inquiry and Kojo Annan of trying to "intentionally deceive" investigators. They said the lies formed an attempt to pretend that Cotecna and Kojo Annan had severed their financial ties in 1998, when in fact they continued until last year.

Mr Annan's former chief of staff, Iqbal Riza, was condemned for authorising the destruction of three years of paperwork, some of which were relevant to the inquiry. Mr Riza's move came a day after the UN Security Council ordered an inquiry last year.

Mr Annan said the report had cleared his name. "As I had always hoped and firmly believed, the inquiry has cleared me of any wrongdoing,'' he said.

But the response from Washington, where congressmen have attacked Mr Annan for a blatant conflict of interest, suggested he had been further damaged.

Sen Norm Coleman, who has conducted his own inquiry into the oil-for-food scandal, said: "His lack of leadership, combined with conflicts of interest and a lack of responsibility and accountability point to one, and only one, outcome: his resignation."

Many in President George W Bush's administration were angered by Mr Annan's apparent opposition to the Iraq war but yesterday's response by the White House was measured, suggesting that he would not face pressure to leave before his term expires at the end of next year.

"We continue to support the work of the secretary general and we will continue to work with him and the UN on the many challenges that we face," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

Even before the report was published, Mr Annan's aides had been working to distance father and son.

His current chief of staff, Mark Malloch Brown, said: "The fact is that Kojo has confirmed that he misled his father, and a father cannot be held accountable for the deeds of an adult son that the son has not told his father about.''

Whether Mr Annan can survive is not clear.

There are suggestions that the permanent five members of the Security Council, including Britain and America, will be happy to see a wounded secretary general.

As such, Mr Annan will have serious problems getting his reforms through the UN, ending the hopes among the world's newest powers of seats on the Security Council.

That will not bother Washington, which can hardly embrace the idea of permanent seats for the likes of Germany, India and South Africa, nations with a known dislike for American interventionism.
The only thing he is personally guilty of is not following the orders of the US. For this they will never fogive him and they will veto his second appointment as UNSG.

It is a shame really as he isd an excellent SG and one of the most honourable people you will ever meet. However, the US is not interested in his role as SG, but only in mud slinging, following a report that clears him.

Having met him on several occasions and having personally worked with many of the investigators who are conducting the OFF enquiry I am very satisfied that if he was guilty of corruption as variously alleged they would say so in very clear and unambiguous terms.

However, that will never be enough for the right wing of the US.
Inf/MP said:
The only thing he is personally guilty of is not following the orders of the US. For this they will never fogive him and they will veto his second appointment as UNSG.

It is a shame really as he isd an excellent SG and one of the most honourable people you will ever meet. However, the US is not interested in his role as SG, but only in mud slinging, following a report that clears him.

Having met him on several occasions and having personally worked with many of the investigators who are conducting the OFF enquiry I am very satisfied that if he was guilty of corruption as variously alleged they would say so in very clear and unambiguous terms.

However, that will never be enough for the right wing of the US.
Despite the fact that he has been found innocent, there are still a number of issue on which he is being criticised, namely making incorrect assertions on his knowledge of the UN contract award, his financial contact with his son and the claims that he cut all contact with his son in 1998 (when it has been shown he only stopped last yr). I realise that the US will use this to get rid of him, but im still not sure if i trust him.
So Kofi may 'sacrifice' his son in order to protect himself? Well, I don't imagine that will cause the old spoofer any lost sleep, as he had no problem with 'sacrificing' thousands in Rwanda (see Romeo Dallaire's book on Annan's culpability), Bosnia, Sudan......pathetic.
Rwanda is not a fair thing to level at Kofi GG.

I understand very personally exactly where General Dallaire is coming from.

However, the first point to remember, is it was the United States, not Kofi Annan that said they would only act if it was in their 'self-interest'. The United States also refused to acknowledge the term 'genocide' to avoid legal obligations to get involved under UNSCR 918 as I remember, but I may be wrong on that.

Remember, before the genocide, there was already a UNAMIR prescence , aimed at keeping the Hutu forces, and the Rwandan Psychotic Army (RPA) apart , and establishing a DMZ on the Ugandan border. I think at the time though UNAMIR was less than 200 bodies. I know the UN did ask for more troops, especially because of the scale of the task, but I think only Belgium , and Bangladesh , possibly Nigeria and Ghana actually responded by sending more troops

Things went pretty much to ratsh*t very quickly after the Rwandan President was blown out of the sky in April 94. The Hutus went on a MASSIVE killing spree

The biggest problem there in the early days of the genocide, was no one actually believed the scale of what was happening. It wasn't a gradual escalation , virtually overnight whole villages were being liquidated. I know that in the last part of April, something like 300,000 people were legging it for Tanzania.

The UNAMIR guys still left in country , actually established some form of safe haven , which was needed , because people were getting murdered. There were some bloody brave people in the Belgian UNAMIR mission, despite Dallaires' comments to the contrary. Belgium got extremely agitated very quickly after their 10 Para's were slotted during their extraction.

Now this is the part that concerns Dallaire. He ordered them to the location they were sent to. Those Belgian Para's were ordered by someone to hand over their weapons to the militia, rather than provoke an incident. they were then executed and their bodies mutilated and burnt. Now Dallaire can obsfucate and blame everyone else as much as he wants. Who ordered the Belgians to hand over their weapons?

The Belgian Government very correctly went spare , as did the Belgian nation. It took very forceful action by the Belgian MOD to stop their Para Battalions emplaning for Kigali for a little payback.

There was a massive refugee feeding problem that had to be serviced first. Anyone who was at Goma for example, would have seen the UN airlift going on. I don't think there's been anything on that scale since Berlin , it was absolutely incredible.

Ironic really, because Rwanda is one of the most fertile places in Africa, but the RPA scorched earth everything as they went south.

Now I damn well know that Kofi , as UN DPK was behind UNSCR 918 proposed in May 94, but it still took nearly 6 months for member states to get off their arrses and do something , so I fail to see how it is Annan's fault.

It's easy to blame Kofi, because it's easier than accepting the blame, because WE on the PSC should have done something in May/June 94. So frankly, this latest effort to smear Annan , I take with a massive pinch of salt. The United States needs to admit to their part in this tragedy, before they start smearing the head of the UN
"he isnt going to kill him to appease the gods"
Uman sacrifice is not unknown in Africa, probably runs in the tribe.
PS Oh and he has made the mistake of upsetting King George II, just as his predecesor upset Bill Clinton.

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