Annan seeks immediate tsunami aid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 6, 2005.

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    purchasing power parity - $758.8 billion (2004 est.)

    Sri Lanka

    purchasing power parity - $73.7 billion (2004 est.)

    Having just read those figures , and where the money is going , more importantly , how the priorities have been decided , I'd better go for a quick amble round the block to give my p*ss a chance to drop back to safe operating temperature. :evil: :evil:
  2. So basically the worst hit areas, get less money.

    How the hell can they value human life in one area as so little.

    Or there some other motive behind it!!
  3. Now now Sabre , I'm sure no one has balanced the needs and geo-politics of servicing the biggest Muslim population in the world, against a few thousand Buddhists ,Christians and Hindus in a British Commonwealth country.

    Especially a country that spends so much on imported Military equipment.

    Is that the Band playing "...and you can believe it if you like"?
  4. Hmmmm
    Indonesia population 201 million
    Sri Lanka population 20 million

    So virtually the same level of 'prosperity' in both countries?

    Surely the initial emergency response should be on basis of immediate human need, not national prosperity (with foreign policy objectives also temporarily taking a back seat)?

    'Prosperity' calculations are surely more relevant when it comes to longer-term assistance for infrastructure/economic reconstruction?
  5. On-topic to the thread title. Some of us expressed concern in the early days of the disaster about the number of rival international groupings pushing forward to 'take the lead'.

    So it seems sensible of Colin Powell to announce the disbandment of the original US/Japan/India/Australia 'lead group', having served its original purpose of jump-starting the response, and its folding into the broader UN-led operation.

    Bonus - leaves the UN in the frame for future criticism of the response.

    Needless to say, US military will "coordinate closely" but not be under UN command.
  6. Bliar's aid promises 'lack detail' - the Times,,18690-1427669,00.html

    My use of bold type. It was also postulated on the Today programme this morning that the number of British killed in the tsunami may be substantially higher than so far revealed, and that the real figures are being suppressed to spare the Dear Leader embarrassment because he stayed on holiday.
  7. I'm very pleased this "core group" is a dead duck. After all, look at the last temporary organisation the yanks blessed the world with (the CPA!)