Ann Widdecombe Versus the Benefits Culture

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by jabcrosshook, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. This should be interesting.
  2. Have sky+'d it.... old battle axe but it should be worth a watch.
  3. The lady has a nice little media and writing career on the go, which has done very well since 1997. As well as this she is fully entitled to a sort of Social Security Benefit called MP and Allowances which is limited to a few hundred lost souls in the political wilderness. But it does mean having to turn up in Westminster every now and again to sign on.
  4. I know who my money is on!
  5. After watching this, she went up in my estimation
  6. I'd still need a few pints to "do" her :)
  7. To be honest if I had to choose between being like AW or joining the benefits culture, benefits would win hands down. Her opinions are obscene
  8. Oh I think you're being a little harsh there. Her new, younger hair "do" takes months off her and she has tried to apply some kind of beauty therapy too.

    That said, you can't polish a turd. It's like putting glitter on dog sh1t etc.

    BTW: you've probably had worse!
  9. Exactly.

    Ann Widdecombe - "You scrounging cheating cnut! Get a job!"
    Director - "Err Ms Widdecome, he's over there. You're looking in a mirror"