Ann Widdecombe gets a reality TV show on the Beeb

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. Please God, not this! We've had to suffer numerous Big Brothers, Love Island, Survivor, Wife Swap etc. I think we've had enough of reality TV - so why give Ann Widdecombe her own reality show?

    Momma, fetch me my shotgun.................

    Origin: timesonline
  2. Of course she won't 'do' sex. That might lead to questions about why this repressed lesbian Behemoth considers herself uniquely qualified to preach to the masses, in that nauseating way only a rabid Catholic (convert) can. Sort yourself out first, love, before you start doling out advice to the rest of us...
  3. What's wrong with Anne Widdecombe, anyway? I think she's drop dead gorgeous, and have lusted after her for years, in fact I never missed an episode of fat club.
    I'll defo be watching that program, just in case she decides to wear a short skirt and give us all a flash of her badly-packed kebab.

    I'm a manager of men, you know. Mwahahahahaha......
  4. saw a bit of it last night am a ashamed to admit it was quite good
  5. What? You saw a bit of Anne Widdecombe's badly packed kebab? Where was that then?