Ann Widdecombe calls for Bearskins to be abolished

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wooger, May 21, 2006.

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  1. BBC Report

    It would seem that the tree huggers are looking to step up their campaign against the bear skin - did not see Heather Mills-McCartney in the picture though :)
  2. How could you tell if she was there or not? just seemed like an untidy heap of naked bodies I do hope a chilly east wind was blowing.
    as my late Mother would have said"Isn't God good to that lot they must have nothing better to do with their time."
  3. The bears would die anyway have to be culled as too many in area I believe .People for eating tasty animals are a bunch of hypocrites
    anyway .Remeber their bloke dresed as a cod protesting about fish and chips in brighton half the people thought he was advertising fish and chips and he ended up being pushed down a hill . :lol:
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Isnt public nudity an offence even if protesting? W&NKERS!
  5. Why do the BBC go to all the trouble of writing a story without the checking the bearist ( :D ) of the facts?

    "The hatmakers purchase roughly 100 pelts each year out of ten thousand or so culled bears."

    That took me all of about 9 seconds to confirm what I already knew....If I didn't know better, I'd suspect the BBC had a very subtle agenda.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    AWOL a letter to the BEEB pointing out their lack of truth or evenhandedness in reporting and a copy to your MP and the minister responsible for the BBC is on the cards! I do it regularly and believe in making the elected work for my tax money!
  7. I'll let you know the response. Stand by...

    Complaint sent...
  8. :x Why is the MOD pandering to these idiots and their protests by spending time and money seeking an alternative? Bear skin appears to be the perfect material, so why are they trying to fix something that isn't broken?

    What next? C95 sourced from fair trade cotton? Vegetarian assault boots?

    I'm usually a nice girl, but sometimes ........Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Plus I got rained on today :-(
    Personally I am going to write to her to remind her that no bears are killed in order to supply a pelt to make a bearskin cap - there is a cull every year to control numbers, and that is where the pelts come from.

    Anyone else care to write to her?
  10. Stupid bint. She should check her facts first.
  11. I thought everyone knew they came from culls? Thick ugly bint.
  12. Bloody hell. I'm not sure who it would apply to, but isn't there a case for libel here?

    She sent the letter to her pary colleagues, but didn't bother to check her facts first. I wonder how many of her colleagues know enough to realise it's complete tosh?

    What kind of confidence does this sort of act instil in MPs? That they can just bleat their mouths off about anything that takes their fancy, not bother to check to make sure it's actually true, and then tell all their government mates too. This looks to me like a very bad attempt to win over a hippy or two.
  13. I thought we only took about 40 or 50 pelts a year, hardly a lucrative business for bear trappers. For the fourth time this week I'm tempted to use the terms 'knee-jerk' and MP together in the same sentence.
  14. If she wants to put her not insubstantial weight behind a cause, try whale hunting instead.

    And stop mentioning Anne Widdecombe and Bare Skin in the same sentence!!!!!!!!SHUDDER! 8O
  15. There's culls at our local landfill site

    Sorry I meant gulls.

    She is a bit ugly and misinformed.