Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, etc. The Real Voice of America?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by gennithmedic, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. My brother's inlaws, (D) one, a high rank union person, feel that the above type broadcasters are unrepresentative of the US. Only surviving through rich backers. Until talk turns to mexicans taking local jobs...
    Q.What does the US grunt make of these people? Are they influential?
    Reasoned arguments appreciated
  2. They definitely represent a segment of the American population. People like my dad and his friends, for one. Although Ann Coulter's fan base seems to be comprised of males who think she's gorgeous and classy because she wears leather skirts and poses with guns and cigarettes. I think she's a post-op tranny with a tapeworm, but hey.

    On the other hand, there's a lot of people in the States who think they're poorly informed demagogues at best, and cynically exploiting their audiences' emotions to sell books and airtime at worst.

    So yes, I'd say they're influential, but within a limited sphere.
  3. As an Expat, I'll refrain from giving my thoughts but further to T-Y's excellent point:



    To coin a phrase- as convincing as a giraffe in dark glasses trying to get into a polar bears only golf club.
  4. F'kin 'ell crabtastic, no pleasing some people is there! :wink:
  5. All yours, mate. Have fun stroking her 8" clit.

    Look at her eyes in the first shot FFS. Talk about Helter Skelter. She looks like she's been running the Manson family since Charlie got locked up.
  6. They are very influential. Limbaugh for example reaches more Americans in three hours on his radio show than the president does in a week. A lot of Americans depend on this modern day Father Coughlin for thier opinions.

    These people are very smart at what they do. Limbaugh especially. He could convince a significant size of the masses that the sky is green if he wanted too. And people would buy it.

    In the last few years, rightwing political radio shows have had a very heavy impact on the shaping of opinion and manufacturing consent. They say whatever they want, with little or no evidence to support their points. Instead they rely of glibness, flair and pomposity.

    A left wing attempt to start a major radio station to compete against Limbaugh and his ilk failed miserably largely due to the fact that potential advertisers were threatened by charges of "unpatriotism."

    I've been told that the most influential of this men and now women, get their talking points from the Whitehouse press office. Then they spend the day hammering and hammering until at the end of the day whatever they say comes to be accepted as conventional wisdom.

    Ann Coulter on the other hand has nothing to say but instead depends on controversy to make a living. She says the most outrageous things and still gets away with it.

    It is also rumoured that she is gay. Something most people I've talked to call a blessing to all men everywhere.
  7. So no desire to see Ann & Tammy Bruce in a bit of girl on girl action then?
  8. What about the boys, and girls, who get to visit shti countries- for free!
  9. Here you go, mate- knock yourself out.
  10. And, in Rush's case, prodigous quantities of weapons-grade Oxycontin.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist. :wink: )
  11. 'Tranny Surprise'?

    With a name like that, surely it's not a surprise?
  12. Among active-duty grunts--especially NCOs--the right is much, much more popular, less so in the NG (officers are overwhelmingly Republicans I believe it's 3/4). Rush Limbaugh was on constatly in our company orderly room radio in the mid-ninties. I was called a communist or left-winger for voting for Clinton by my CO (who kept Reagan's picture up and not CoC Clinton's) and 1SG while active-duty. Many of my closest friends--who were all NCOs--were staunch right-wingers or more commonly self-styled Libertarians and avid listeners to Rush and G. Gordon Liddy.

    The NG and Reserves have a bit more distribution along the political spectrum but nowhere near the civilian population.

    I became a target of--always good natured--abuse by many of my fellow right-wing NCOs, even though I wasn't exactly outspoken in my views I probably was one of the three who didn't back down when cornered either. Made for fun debates during lunches, parties or deployments I suppose. When I left active duty to go to law school and was assigned to to Ft Bragg as a reservist augmentee at the G3 over the lower units I'd served in it became even worse--everybody wanted to argue with the left-wing law student. But again, mostly good-natured and my closest friends to this day come from that group.

    I'd say about half of civilian listeners do so because they dislike them intensely. Bill O'Reilly, for example, is a complete tool but it's enjoyable to watch the angry jackass sometimes.
  13. Ugh, there goes my grudge f-ing fantasy.

    While working for the Feds one of my co-workers who was a Republican political appointee met Ms Coulter and, even though he's a true-believer in the 'cause', thought she was chain-smoking, nutty as a fruitcake, whack-job in private.
  14. Not a big fan of those two.

    If I were to choose a conservative Pundit I like, it would be Glenn Beck.

    O'Reily is a tool, but occasionally does bring up good points (though I can't listen when he talks about immigration)

    Anne Coulter is batsh*t crazy though, and Rush needs to lay off the pills
  15. Far worse than O'Reily is his CNN clone, Jack Cafferty.

    The bloke's bonkers.