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Just a quick one. Went for a little run yesterday, tripped over a root and have done my ankle in. Nothing serious, but it looks like half a tennis ball now it's all swollen up. I've spent too long on the black stuff so I want to get running again. If i just strap it up and run in some sturdy footware would I risk damaging it at all?

Cheers guys, bone question I know, but I reckon you lot know a lot more about it than me.
Rest it for a week or so... or at least till a few days after the swelling has gone down!! Then go out for a gentle jog and see how it feels.. you can run with pain, but just judge it for yourself mate. If you think its doing damage it probably is...No better judge of your own body than yourself!....
Just go easy..
RICE it... esp ice...every 20 mins... 20 mins on 20 mins off. esp in the early stages.
Take some anti inflammatories.

Ankle sprains can be seriously over looked. once u have sprained your ankle.... it will never be as stronge as it was. do some balancing exercises. standing on one foot with eyes closed - maybe on a cushion for extra wobble!. If u do this now on both your good & bad ankle u will see how much damage has been done. if u google proprioception u will see what i mean.

take it easy, Fix it before u make it worse.


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Cheers guys. I'm trying to get fit again, a holiday in America and lots of return drinkings given me a bit of a belly, which i hate.

Looks like swimming later then! It's not so bad as I can walk on it, just rather swollen.

Thanks again!

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