Ankle problem

Anyone with knowledge of sprains and fractures, please?

A couple of weeks ago, while on a trip to the Middle East, I sprained my ankle. I stepped off a high kerb and onto a rock. I landed on my back with blood pissing from my arm and looked at my ankle and saw it was dislocated (ie, foot was over a quarter inverted with my sole approaching vertical). In a panic I pushed it back into place. Went for x-rays the next day in a backwater town in Syria at a doctor's surgery, but was not filled with much confidence in his competency. He said there was no fracture. For a few days after the fall I dosed myself up with diclofenac shots in the ass. The pain was bearable though walking was a real challenge.

I'm back now and the pain is minor but there's still a good deal of swelling. However, at times, when I walk, there is a click and what feels like a bone movement on the interior of my foot, to the left of my ankle bone. Could this be just a ligament or could it be skeletal?

Would it be worth my while, and not a waste of precious NHS time and resources, to get it checked out again with another x-ray at A&E? The pain is not great but this clicking is doing me bonce in and the swelling is still an issue. Or should I just wait and see how things are in a week?
You shouldn't need alcohol wipes, just try boiling everything for a while, including the offending limb.

Seriously though go and see a doctor. From experience trying to just crack on with something that may or may not be minor will do you no favours and you may well end up with something serious down the line.

If you can't get in with your GP just go to A & E. I'm sure they'd be happier to see you than a pi**ed up chav with a bottle sticking out of his head. Unless you're one of those as well.
Go online for a diagnosis, oh you have, now hold your ankle up to the monitor and we'll take a look..

and now for the serious answer, if your GP can't/wont see you before the next ice age then off to A and E you go. Go on, go, don't hang about here all day.... hop to it.
If you aren't fond of doctors or the A&E, try visiting an osteopath in your area. They will refer you on to your GP if they think you NEED referral, but after examining you they might be able to offer useful treatment that doesn't involve surgery, syringes and painkillers. And they should be pretty good at explaining what they think has gone wrong and why.
Once you have stretched your ligaments - they are pretty much f*cked. It will pain a Doctor to tell you, and he may make symapthetic noises but the reality is it is extremely difficult for a ligament to return to it's previous size so expect to injure that ankle a lot from now on as the support is a lot less than you had previous.

Has your ankle turned blue with the swelling? Seriously, if it has then the damage may be more extensive than you think as the blood pools.

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