Ankle pains

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bad_cat, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. I have been using the tread mill and running ona track and recently i have been having severe pains about 1 inch above my ankles. I have done an x ray nothing appeared also i have been using different pain reliever creams and it still hurts. any advice?
  2. Whereabout's above the ankle? Front, side? How far up the leg does the pain go?
  3. Not doubting the medical ability of any on the site but if you have a problem like that you need to stop training and see your Dr. If they give you the ok carry on, you may just need to rest for a bit.
  4. I had that for years and brufen didn't help cure it - best help was from a physio who told me my gate needed help (the way your feet point). After a few months physio I never had any more problems, but because I ignored it (or rather my own medics did) the problem moved on to my knees and I got CP which has no cure
  5. its just 1 inch above my ankles on the inside and goes on for about 2 inches. i saw my doctor and he reckons its just a sprain.
  6. How long has the pain been there? You should take it easy initally and gradually get back into running. You should try an ankle brace to see if that will help but if the pain flares up, stop immediately.

    It may be worth seeking a second opinion as well-I'm not doubting your doctor's ability but speaking from experience it took 2 doctors and 3 physio's to pinpoint the injury I had. I still ended up spending two months in Headley Court as well...
  7. I've recently developed exacly the same thing, on the inside an inch or so above the ankle spreading upwards a little. Quite painful, like glass shards met with a dull ache. It started a few months after going over on it one too many times with a full burgen on, and damaging a ligament on the other side. I had thought I developed it from over-compensating when I ran. It comes back when I run a regularly, but has definitely improved from a long (3 week) rest.
  8. Did you use anything on it? I have jus started running everyday and its started back with the same pain don't really no what else to do. mind you i only feel the pain when am running not when am walking.
  9. It was the same for me - walking was fine.

    The only thing I found helped was brufen gel. There are some stretches you can do to stretch out that part of the ankle - not brilliant mind but I found helped. Standing facing with hands on the wall infront leaning quite far forward, as if you were going to stretch your calves. With feet parallel and slightly wider than shoulders bend the knees. This is designed to stretch out the bottom of your shins traditionally to avoid splints, but I found it also works the inner ankle too. Stop if it hurts!!

    Only other things, rotating the ankle after running, walking on sand to gently strengthen it. I have to say though the best thing overall was to do _no running whatsoever_ on it for about 3 weeks. Very hard to do I know, but it was vastly improved afterwards.
  10. It might be abit difficult to stop for 3 weeks cause i can be called For ATR any time from now. Should i go ahead and rest on it?
  11. It's up to you, but if it gets worse and you are asked to turn up at ATR with an existing injury, it certainly won't get any rest there. Still, the docs there have probably seen it all so you might get better advice when you get there. If you get enough notice perhaps try resting for a week. If you're really worried I'd recommend seeking a professional, or the ankle brace/brufen gel approach if you absolutely have to. Does running on different surfaces help, ie road vs grass?

    Best of luck, and make sure you have good quality trainers, preferably from a specialist running shop. You might not be able to wear them at ATR but its so important if you're doing a lot of running - worth every penny.
  12. when i first started runnin again on a treadmill

    i kept gettin sharp pains on me left foot..just below the toes

    dunno if the treadmill had anythin to do with it.. coz now am runnin on roads its disappeared ... should really rest it until it heals but i just ran on it every day an in the end the pain vanished
  13. Have you used a treadmill at all before you recently started using it?

    Most likely explaination is because most people dont run naturally on a mill hence you start using muscles that you dont usually use.

    TBH you are better off getting a DR to take a look.

    Doesnt mean you have to stop being active at all-get in the pool!
  14. I seem to be getting the pain when i ran on both on the tread mill and running on grass.
  15. Did this problem start when you started using the mill or just after?

    Problem is if it was an un natural running on the mill that caused it,it will affect your running outside as well.R&R seems best option with using pool to keep your CV up with little or no risk to injury to your ankle