Ankle Pain

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by AJCY133, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone had any sound advice, I've been doing a lot of running wearing Lonsdale casual shoes (No support i.e not meant for running) due to me not being able to afford Running shoes (at the time) because of this my right ankle is starting to hurt whenever I run.

    Today I bought a pair of Nike Impax Revolution Running trainers and am keen to start running in them - Should they help my ankle heal if I start running with cushioned trainers? As I don't really want to stop training
  2. Wrong idea mate. You need to go to a running specialist and get your gait analysed and shoes fitted. Look for an "Up and Running" near you. It will cost around 80 pounds for fitting and shoes but its worth it. I would think that is whats causing the ankle pain. Its not the cushioning you need to worry about (unless ur a fattie) its the support.

    Dont start running properly till you have good fitted shoes.

  3. I've had my gait tested and I underpronate a lot (though looking at the heels on my work shoes would tell you that straight away!) And because of this I've been reccommended to get Cushioned trainers as stability is designed more for Flat-footed/Over pronators.

    I guess what I mean is would you suggest a way to help my ankle heal quicker without me having to stop running as im on a training programme at the moment well in advance of selection
  4. I'd be tempted to have a week off mate. Get swimming or cycling for a while - I over did it early on in the year, and due to not giving it proper rest, it took months to heal! I wouldn't risk it again!
  5. when is your selection?

    cycling is very good and will develop a lot of running specific fitness, as the motion is very similar. swimming is excellent CV exercise, and will benefit your running. i recently altered my training program, to do a couple of runs, and swim and cycle more per week. i can swim for one hour with no proper breaks (maybe a few seconds here and there letting the person infront get some distance), which is a big improvement in about 4 weeks, have a resting bpm of 42 per minute, and have no problem running 6 miles.
    its done wonders for my lung capacity, and i can now swim 20m underwater, without pushing off anything to start.
  6. I haven't got a date yet, only did my BARB test yesterday. But I'm preparing myself well in advance so when it gets to selection I'm doing it to the best of my ability and hopefully I'll be significantly fitter than I am now - I'm aching to test out my new trainers as well!! :cry:
  7. Some good advice here mate, im not in yet (just passed rsc) but being a former lardlad i had similar problems when i started training, i found that rotating running with swimming, cycling and the rowing machine helped and also using the rice method (rest, ice, compress and elevate) after a run made a difference (thank you local rugby club for that gem)

    Good luck mate, you seem focused and in my (admittadly little) experience that seems to be half the battle.
  8. just to put whats been said all together fella it be good to take the wait off ankle for week tops go cycling swimming it does sound like you are focused so i wouldnt worry if you think not running for 7days will effect. good to see your training hard longs they can see your giving 100% even if you are finding it easy. id agree with pidge with the ice thing maybe lay of the row you tend to use your feet when pushing off may cause unwanted pressure but all in all good luck should be credit to the army
  9. What trade do you hope to join?
  10. Sorry, but the bit in bold does not automatically follow because of the type of shoes you're using... It could be any number of reasons - the pronation point you mention later is a more likely issue to fix - but that, like all other advice here, is just a guess.

    Best advice? Stop stressing an injury with further exercise until you know what it is. How to find out? Go to the docs. It's free, and it may just save you doing sufficient permanent injury to prevent an Army career before it's even started. If they are vague/send you away with brufen and advice to rest, find a good sports physio and ask them to advise you.

    No: the thing that normally helps soft tissue healing is rest... You need to learn that getting - and staying - fitter is about listening to your body as much as pushing it. If you don't ease off when it starts complaining, you're going to have constant niggles, and never be really fit. Full marks for the enthusiasm, go and try some swimming in the meantime - no shock loading on the ankle there.

    Oh - and just one other point:

    Cycling is indeed excellent cardiovascular exercise, but the motion is not running specific. Ask anyone who's tried triathlon (it's hellish to get the legs working properly as you transition from bike to run - they feel all 'tight and slow'). It uses the quadriceps (large thigh muscle) in a very different way, and doesn't use the glutes at the back of your bum in the same way. However, if it doesn't hurt the ankle, it will maintain your heart and lung fitness.
  11. You need to get off of the running, full rest, no booze or heavy food.
    Sit ups without your ankle supported (ie free or in the air) if you are a chunk then crunches may be better.

    If your pain is still there in a week, then go sick ffs
  12. obviously there are differences, but it still gets blood flowing to all the right areas. apparently, studies have been done to show that runners who replace a run with an equal bike ride get almost the same fitness improvements as those who just run.

    as somebody who has run a triathlon (only sprint distance, and a while ago now, just to finish rather then race of course), the bold is very wrong.

    hellish is too nice a word. heart rate through the roof, and legs feeling like somebody strapped them with 2 by 4. as part of my training is still do the transition in the middle of bike rides. i ride for a few miles to a nice steep hill, get off and immediately do hill sprints, one heart attack later, back on the bike, ride for another few miles, and do the same on the way back.
    10 miles bike, lots of hill sprints, and a pair of balls as raw as a bad steak.
  13. christtheclimber: When you get into recruit training please remember that the PT staff are always on the look out for youngsters with special skills. Make sure you tell them all about it
    (the ninja warrior - triathlon experiences). But I think really you should be aiming for PARA at least.
    That way you will be used to demo stuff to your mates and you will get an easier time. :)
  14. special skills my arrse. as i said i did it to finish, certainly no talent involved.
    iv been sporty all my life and just thought ill do that as one was local.
    im sure most people could finish one, seen as it was a 750m swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run, which is hardly an ironman is it?

    if you want ninja skills, i suggest you talk to this guy:

    all complete balls of course.