Ankle Pain - Advice???

I have a dodgey constant pain in my ankle. I've fractured the same ankle 3 times now, and I know of at least one spur on the ankle from a break. Now suddenly this ache has arrived. The pain doesn't feel like the joint, but between the ankle joint and heel (On the outside of the foot). I haven't had an obvious injury. I can still jog on it, but the pain is at it's worst whenever I try to do sit-ups, with my feet under a bar.

I was originally thinking that this might be the start of Osteo-Arthritis with the track record of busted ankles! The pain isn't severe, but it's constantly there. If I keep training on the ankle, is it going to make it worse if it is OA? Exercise so far hasn't seemed to aggrevate the pain. It's just there.

The appointment with the physio is inbound, but would be interested to hear some advice.
No good news or advice, just to say, welcome to the rest of your life!

I have a similar history of ankle injuries, and now can only run twice a week (unless I want to have to hold on to the bannister when I come downstairs in the morning). Mine's not OA, they're just knackered.

See what the doc/physio says, and buy a good bike to keep your cardio/vascular fitness up. Ration your running for when you need it most. I found that too much swimming hurt my ankles (buffetting in the water), but I was probably doing it wrong.
Amputation is the only way forward I'm afraid. From the neck down ;)
smudge67 said:
Amputation is the only way forward I'm afraid. From the neck down ;)

... Thank God for that. I thought it was serious!!!

*editted for mongness



Ignore everything people tell you on the internet and seek the advice of a good doctor, ideally one specilising in this area.

Everything else is just guesswork and likely to cause as much harm as good.
Agree with the taking sensible advice option!

However, as a heads-up, there are several causes of pain in the area you describe, probably with damage to one of the group of ligaments supporting the outer aspect of the ankle being the most likely culprit.

You also tend to damage these when fracturing your ankle, so sometimes the pain can be from a long-term problem rather than a new injury.


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I agree with all of the above, it may be a touch of achillies tendonitis, especially with what you say about it hurting on extream flexion when you have your feet under a bar. I get it very frequently from horse riding where feet are constantly fully flexed for hours on end. But physio will sort it all out for you, compare it to your good ankle if it feels warmer or looks more swollen a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel may not go amiss, but only if it is definitly hotter and more swollen. Good Luck.

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