Ankle joint pain after running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SneakyTeen, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Ive just come back from the gym and found that my ankle hurts when i move my foot around in circles but it doesnt hurt when i move it in other directions such as rotating the front end of my foot left to right, rotating my heel left to right however sparks nstant pain making me presume the problem is nearer the metotarsal (spelling :?) Oh and this pain doesnt occur whilst im training, only after iv warmed down.

    Would like to get this problem identified and sorted so that i can begin to seriously train again,

    Thanks alot for any help,

  2. Not knowing your circumstances (ie whether you're a civvy training for the Army, already serving, retired (apologies for being too lazy to research)), I (like most others on here) would recommend visiting your GP/Med Centre. There's no point ignoring an injury like this, though it may seem trivial, they have a tendency to get worse.

    As to what it may be, a bit more information on what type of training you've been doing would be helpful.

    The following is a quote from another website:

    "Check your ankle for pain by gently rotating your foot. If you are experiencing mild pain, you probably have a mild sprain. Ankle pain that is moderate to severe indicates a sprain that is more serious, or the ankle is broken."

    Not saying you've sprained or broken it, as I'm not qualled, but might be worth getting it looked at :)

    Sorry for the rambling post, still suffering from last night.

    Hope all is well :)