Ankle Injury, Please help me!


I would be massively grateful if anybody can help me with an injury that I have picked up.

I’m 19-year-old Ocdt and in training for the London Marathon for the Army Benevolant Fund, approximately in mid-December I twisted my ankle while running, rolling my foot clockwise if the axis runs from the back to the front of my foot. I finished my run without any problems, but was in a lot of pain the next day. I left it over Christmas and stopped training entirely. However when I started running a few weeks later my ankle was still giving me lots of problems. I saw a doctor and started seeing a physio and am currently taking anti-inflammatorys. Under the guidance of a physio I have started running again for 20 minutes every 3 days, however my ankle still hurts. Furthermore a specific part of my ankle still hurts when pressed even now (please see below for specifics). It always hurts when pressed but more so for up to 24 hours after a run. The point that hurts when pressed is very specific and about the size of a 1p coin. It does not hurt to press above or below that point.

The area of pain is indicated by a blue ring in the pictures attatched, it is just above the ankle joint.

From what I have worked out it appears to be either the Peroneus Brevis, or Peroneus Longus.

Any help explaining while it still hurts would be greatly appreciated, as well as recovery info or any other relevant info.

I happen to live near Selly Oak, so if anyone fancys having a closer look I would be more than happy to oblige!


Too Tall


Thanks for the help so far, although some posts have been more useful than others! I am currently seeing a physio who has given me some exercises and some stretching to do but, in reality she has not been a massive help. I’m keen to know exactly what is going on in my ankle and was hoping someone here might be able to give me some rough advice i.e. the pain could be the result of scar tissue which formed after the twist, and then a rough timeframe for recovery judging on past experiences, and whether in such instances it is ok to keep running in moderation.

The Physio did mention I might need orthotics, but it would probably cost upwards of 250 quid, money I don’t have. Also I used to run long distance with no problems before the twist.

Thanks Again,

Yeah, well kind of. I still walked and tried a couple of small runs because the doctor I saw said it would probably be ok to do so. The runs resulted in a massive increase in pain in the area. The runs I’m doing now only make a very slight difference.

Is it possible that the very specific and localised nature of the pain could be the result of a partial tear of the ligaments or tendons in that area?

Sorry matey,

Haven't read all your posts because I was flicking through a number of threads.

You need a second opinion though, my youngest child has just been deferred for a similar injury and is receiving first class treatment from the RN guy.
TT - for flying christ's sake, get a proper sports physio, pay for a scan, get the orthotic insoles. Do WHATEVER YOU CAN DO to get youself back on the horse. Even if it means taking out a buckshee-ish insurance policy to sort the treatment out.

This callsign has possible arthritis art 22 thanks to a similar injury that I didn't get properly seen to at the time because I was a student - and couldn't afford it. Keep doing non-impact exercise - I found swimming helped (though it didn't really compare to ten milers). This is very much a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do post. I don't want to sound melodromatic in this, but I got downhearted, lazy and my morale was lower than a submarine's shithouse (loath to use the term 'depression') but it wouldn't be an understatement to say that every day, without fail, I remember the life I led before I did my ankle in. KEEP UP THE PHYS, and don't DONT get caught into thinking 'itt'l never heal' (no matter what frucking NHS witch-doctors tell you). Good luck mate, I can sympathise fully with what's happened, just don't make the same fcukups I did.

Cheers for the advice, I completely understand your point re. depression. I'm getting properly down about my ankle. Its been 3 months and dosent appear to be getting better. I've had to pass up an oppotunity to do P-Coy, and might have to defer entry to Sandhurst.

I'm gonna speak to a proper sports physio tommorow if I can afford it time wise.

Cheers Again,

sarnian said:
Do WHATEVER YOU CAN DO to get youself back on the horse. Even if it means taking out a buckshee-ish insurance policy to sort the treatment out.

I believe that that's known 'in the trade' as fraud. It's a bit like theft, but no doubt much more socially acceptable in some quarters.

It's entirely incompatible with holding the Queen's Commission, lest there be any doubt whatsoever.
I had pretty bad ankle injuries and saw an osteopath - he was quick to diagnose it as cartelidge (sp?) damage and gave me appropriate exercises/movements to do in order to sort it out.

Doctors tend to just fob you off with "Sports injury." which is about as generic as it gets.
I agree with several others here. Both my achilles went rotten on me after years of heavy tabs with heavier packs, and though your problem does not seem to be the tendon, the lesson I learned after years of poorly-informed non-specialist medical attention may be of use to you:

* Find out all you can for yourself from t'Internet, esp. forums, chats, blogs, so you get other sufferers' perspectives, stories and information.

* Go armed with all you know to the medics, do not be fobbed off with pills, and insist on a referral TO ...

* (Key point) a specialist sports injury consultant. These are rare but about 1000% more useful than non-experts.

It's amazing, and utterly gutting, just how much seemingly minor ankle problems can screw you up. Do whatever it takes to sort it or you will be so, so sorry .... may I wish you good luck!
This is a public thank you to BigBird. She correctly diagnosed what was wrong with my ankle over the Internet, after 2 doctors and a physiotherapist missed it!

Thanks again Big Bird!

Ah yes, TT, I forgot to mention one more thing (lest there be any doubt whatsoever.)

Ignore any pompous b0llocks you might hear about 'things being incompatible with the Queens Commission.' I was an Ocdt, I got injured very firmly on Army time. This was the help that the prospect of a Queens Commission got me:

Sarnian to unit CSM, immediately on return to unit: "Sir, how do I go about getting physio through the Army?"
CSM: "Fcuk off and join BUPA."

Medical offr to Sarnian upon being asked about getting an MRI scan through the Army: "Sorry, we don't have the budget for it. You're on your own."

I gave up shiteloads of time to join the finest fcuking Regiment in the British Army - doing a two-hundred mile round trip, by car, twice a week to be there. I wasn't getting reimbursed for travel, let alone paid, for the first four months. I managed to get crucial time off my degree to do the CIC and P-Company. I never wanted to do anything else but be a soldier - and I never put in less than 110% in what I was asked to do. I didn't have to join that Regiment at uni - I could have just gone ULOTC, but I chose not to.
I paid £150 for flights abroad
£390 for an MRI scan
and £ 150 for orthotic insoles.
Now don't get me wrong - there are boys coming back from ops wounded, and the treatment they get is shite. I wouldn't want one penny of treatment taken away from a guy who got wounded serving to be spent on my training injury. The point of this little rant is that I found myself totally utterly on my own - the Army, despite all the bollox I was told in terms of healthcare etc etc, do not want to know. I fervently hope someone can get you help through the Army, but don't expect or rely on it.

Exrivofrigido - try not to sound like such a suercilious cnut. I couldn't give a fcuk what may or may not be socially acceptable to you. I am in a position where I have been completely fucked off by the system - the only saving grace is the NHS equivalent where I live. It's still two and a half years after I got injured that I'm getting surgery - You speak as if you could afford fifteen grand off the bat for a ligament repair. I fucking can't. I bet you're now a fcuking insurance salesman. Lest there be any doubt whatsoever - (cnut) the wooly, starched bollocks, sneer-down-your-nose ish shite you might hear is no fcuking consolation when you have put every fcuking fibre of your being into something for years, then it bites you on the arrse, and you are on your fcuking own having to pay for the damage, or spend every day when it's raining creaking like wooden schooner. Being green and keen is great, but they don't give a fcuk about you - If you can get BUPA or similar now, do it - soften the blow.
sarnian said:
Exrivofrigido - try not to sound like such a suercilious cnut.
Take me as a supercillious cnut if you like. The system has many flaws, and the NHS is far from ideal. That doesn't make fraud right, whatever your CSM allegedly thinks. I don't sell insurance, and spend quite a lot of my time ranting and grumbling to the right people about cases I see in which I think the army is behaving less than honourably, but I still happen to believe rather strongly that you don't have the right to break the law just because you think you've been shafted. I have every sympathy for your predicament, but you wouldn't take out insurance after you'd crashed your car, so why is this different?

My wife has had similar dramas, balls-ups and frustrations from an ACL tear - since it's pre-existing BUPA won't cover it. Unfair - not really. She could have lied, but she didn't. Doesn't make waiting about on the NHS any easier, but there it is. If there's a lesson here, it's 'get health insurance as soon as you can - NHS treatment is far from reliable'. Don't think that you can justify theft and wear this uniform though.

I repeat - I have a great deal of sympathy for those who are broken and not fixed by the army. Have you tried redress of grievance? I've seen (and staffed) more than one case in which the army has been forced to do the right thing, but it does rather depend on how you were injured. If it was on 'army time', then the CSM is not the authority. You should be speaking to the Adjt, and engaging the services of a solicitor to make the case if necessary. That tends to make people sit up a bit.

PM me if you want to discuss further.
Mmm - fair one. Please excuse my tetchiness. Although with the NHS it was never a matter of waiting - they just wouldn't do it - I'd start low down the triage list and only keep sliding as other cases came about. Besides - I'd rather not go in with a creaky leg and come out dead of C Diff/MRSA/ name the bug.

As it happens, I'm in a pretty lucky position ref healthcare (comparatively.) It's not the cash aspect that needled the most (although the leg definitely suffered because I was a student - it could have been dealt with sooner.) It was the fact that I'd put everything in, I'd been as keen as an incredibly keen thing, I'd done what was asked of me and when it all went arse up it was a case of 'sort yourself out and come back.' I was a TA Joe when it happened - so I wasn't really expecting any help from the unit, but I was on Sandhurst's books at the time, and I had been a sixth form scholar. They were incredibly quick to write off the cash they'd given me in preference to spending any more getting me fixed.

Sorry for rather flying off the handle Ex. It was hard trying to explain about an event which has very nearly had me feeding the exhaust back into my 110, and being called a tea leaf for advising someone else how to avoid the same.

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