Ankle damage

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RU99, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. I recently went over my ankle whilst at AOSB Briefing and I am not sure if I am hampering the repair process by not knowing exactly what I have done to it. Basically I had a bad land on the assault course but carried on for as long as I could before I couldn’t put any weight on my right ankle. I put all my weight over my ankle which I felt twinge but tried to continue until it got worse, and still have pain to the side at the front of my foot, as well as my Achilles clicking. Should I go and see the doctor about it, I just want it to repair as fast as possible so I can get running again as now I need to prepare for MB sometime next year.
  2. GPs can be a bit dismissive of sprains and things, unless actually you've obviously fractured it, in which case it's straight to a fracture clinic for you! I would find a decent sports physio and see them - they can work out a proper exercise and rehab program to get it all working again. I got kicked by a horse recently, and after limping for a week and then resting, running was bloody sore. Took one physio session, a few exercises, and some massage and now it's all working properly again - the body does funny things to compensate for injury and you need an expert who can undo these funny things.
  3. You are right; I am getting pains up my calf and at the bottom as well, probably as my leg is doing weird things to compensate for my limping.
  4. Sounds about right - it's usual for those muscle structures to tense up after an ankle injury. Get yourself to a sports physio!
  5. Cheers, I just hope it will repair properly so I can get training! Email fired off to a local physio.
  6. Went to see the physio, he said I had done more damage to the joint then the ligament, said I must have been going at a rate when I went over. Six weeks has been since the fall and the area around the damaged ligament is still tender when I try and put it under a bit if pressure. Wouldn’t want to run on it. Is this normal?