Ankle Bracing

Looking for help:

a) Anyone recommend - or strongly advise against - any particular ankle braces? Requirement is to stabilise a weak ankle for rugby.

b) Also, therefore, anyone aware if the ones with steel banding in them are illegal for rugby? - I suspect they are, but can't be arrsed to plough through the RFU's biff site to find the answer. (I don't mean some sort of feckin body armour effort, but some of the 'sports' types have internal steel stiffeners, even though they look quite 'minimal').

Thanks for any useful observations..
no...It all fastens with velco and is secure. Have never had i come undone. Its also lightweight and once you are use to it you forget its there.
Ive just had an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon so i could get the results of an MRI scan. I was given an Aircast ankle support, best on the market. Small, lightweight and if you look hard enough probably available on ebay. It's that good i've been told not to worry about resuming training as hard as i want.
I would certainly agree about Aircast. After I got mine I could lead with the unstable ankle into any hockey challenge. Solid!! Durable too nearly 19 years old.
The only place to check to ensure that your equipment is legal is via here at the IRB.

If the link fails go to then the Laws & Regulations where there is an Equipment Approval Section.
Thanks for the link Baron, but it's limited to shoulder and head protection issues: no mention of anything else...
I thought there was an option to ask about/add another kit. Oh well failing that if your playing for a club ask them and/or check with the refs.

I'd boght a set of boots from ASICS which weren't covered by the IRB so I asked a ref I knew and when he started naming the boots and the website and the price realised I hadn't been the only person to ask. Turned out the IRB had approved them but hadn't updated their lists.

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