Anjem's back....the ****** is taking over....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nutcase, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. You are a Muslim, you ******* slot the **** instead of asking others to do it..about time you got off your collective arses and did something about shitheels like him.
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  2. As a good Muslim, you can kill him for infidelish infedelness - says so in the Qu'ran.


    A devout Ginger - bad call on both counts.
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  3. haha, I'd gladly do it...

    but no-one would let me near anything even vaguely dangerous...
  4. Now that made me larf. :p
  5. Surely they can be prosecuted for fly posting, just go along behind them and rip them off.
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  6. Listen...I am a moderately strong male, with combat experience, I weigh way over 90 kg and I am stocky too, I have a great CV which lists dealing with Islamists as a expertise, however sorry buddy, this is the UK, you cant harm people physically, and even if you do "slot him", you will go Prison and get butt fucked for the rest of your life, which isnt worth it, however, if you can lure him onto a boat or container heading to Chechnya or Afghanistan, I am sure I can arrange for someone to introduce Anjem to the concept of mental and physical torture.
  7. Sunnoficarus, I am sure you could be killed too for being married to a black women? or am I wrong?
  8. Afghan Kandak - Chubby Beardie Muj Walt.


    Sorry AK, this doesn't count ;P
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  9. Ahhh!! Worzel has his fighting head on today
  10. Hmmmm.....two things.

    Unless you're applying for admission to a mental health facility A_K, I wouldn't recommend putting 'expertise in dealing with Islamists' on your (great) CV.

    Secondly - and it's a small, though I feel important detail - both Chechnya and Afghanistan are landlocked countries.
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  11. Stocky - Fat

    Same as "Bubbly" or "Great sense of humour". Don't you read personals?
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  12. Good old Anjem knows how to get the headlines. I've been following him here : Anjem Choudary and here : Muslims Against Crusades and this has been quite a while in the planning. Originally, Saturdays march was going to promote the Islamic Emirates idea, but I think they are planning to drag in the Norwegian issues since they are convenient and hot in the media. That was the perfect event to show how Islam is under serious threat in the West and I guess he couldn't miss the opportunity to use it.

    He's not actually trying to deliberately piss us off, despite appearances. He and his acolytes genuinely believe in what they preach and are absolutely determined that they will get their message across somehow. The more we bleat, the worse it will get since they have God on their side. If you read their material it is very well presented and most of it is intelligently argued. Little Miss Winehouse curling up her toes provided a perfect opportunity for them to wring their hands over the proof that Western culture has let down its women folk and that their only role models are hookers and addicts.

    The further into the Muslim enclaves you delve, the greater the support you will find for these views. It won't go away and the leader of Waltham Forest council is mistaken when he describes them as 'small-minded idiots’. Frighteningly closed minded, yes. Idiots, no. I've worked in and around the Middle East for decades and Islam works well for them there. There's nothing quite like the sound of the call to prayer at dawn, but there's absolutely no place for it in the modern Western world.

  13. WOW you know your geography very well! heres a medal, well done! your ever so clever and intelligent, how did you know that, I didnt know that, **** me, I guess gallowglass the randy **** is really intelligent!

    Listen go and **** yourself you Khazarian ****!

  14. Now, now, stop that tantrum!