Anjem Choudary demostrating in Wooton Bassett TODAY!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nemisis123456, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Hello one and all. I am a representative from the English Defence League who brings news that angers me deeply.
    Anjem choudary and his band of reprobates are on their way to wootton bassett right now. He will be demonstrating against the repatriation of our
    brave lads who have fought valiantly for queen and country in difficult circumstances.

    Please spread word about this vile human being desecrating the memories of our loved ones.
  2. oh dear this going to get messy......
  3. Verification required?
  4. I do hope so.
    You can hang that Choudy cnut from a lampost for all I care, it won't be a loss to the UK.
    If there is any truth to this of course.
  5. It probably will, largely due to government inaction to have these idiots prosecuted.

    Im very angry indeed.

    Choudary will be met by a counter demonstration that i can assure you.
  6. before everyone starts to get hairy can you please check this persons information.

    The people of WB would not want what is a great act of respect for our fallen Heros turned into a 3 ringed circus
  7. We have had contact with Wiltshire police who have verified this claim. Please feel free to check for yourselves.
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Fuck me. Fire up the outrage Sinclair C5.

  9. hopefully he will stay out on the streets all day and night - and freeze to death, let the snow ploughs pick up the frozen corpses
  10. When you say "counter-demonstration" do you mean a bunch of football hooligans shouting "PAKI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS"? :roll:

    Seriously, if you do represent the EDL then the best thing you can do is keep out of sight of them; let them be the ones taped by the media starting fights with the police. Give them the rope and they'll surely hang themselves; pitch in yourself and the BBC will just run more stories about Nazi thugs causing havoc.
  11. Can't find anything on the main media websites. Let's hope this gets ignored all round. Did he choose to do it today so he can blame weather for low turnout?
  12. Wasn't there talk of an affiliation with BNP not too long back?
  13. erm...the 'official' facebook group says otherwise!
  14. Just goes to show the lenghths these scum will go to, knowing there'll be no reception party and doing it when everyone is unable to get there. I hope this is a hoax, otherwise my little suprise will go to waist!
  15. I know Choudary's a radical, but surely not? :)
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