Anit-Chav Sonic Disruptors..

see that the Local Government Association has issued a list of the top tunes on the " Manilow Method " for driving undesireables from areas like carparks, malls, etc.
hit the Chavs with Lethal Muzak:

experiments in Sydney Australia have found that Manilow tunes Copacabana and Mandy work like garlic on vampires to the unwashed.

Other chart toppers are:
Please Release Me [ Englebert Humperdink ]
Achy Breaky Heart [ Billy Ray Cyrus ] this one takes me at least 10 beers to fight off the effects

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen [ Neil Sedaka ]
Bridge Over Troubled Water [ Simon and Garfunkel - but the Gene Pitney version works best ]
Close to You [ The Carpenters ]
Uptown Girl [ Billy Joel ]

personally I would have thought a continuous loop playing Pacelbel's Canon on the Glockenspiel would have done much more damage..
The_Dragoon said:
What about anything by Val Doonican or The Bathelors whilst systematically hitting them with Tazers and CS gas ? Or am I just being soft ?
Tazers and CS would be indulging them; they don't deserve it. I'd go with the Tazer (CS would hack people off).

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